Out-Of-Sterile Announcement

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, the use of approved portable electronic devices, including laptops, is now permitted. For your continued safety, please keep your seat belt fastened at all times when seated, even if the captain turns off the fasten seat belt sign. Any transmission using portable electronic devices is prohibited.
  2. From all of us at American, thank you for flying with us today. We extend a special welcome to our AAdvantage members and OneWorld frequent fliers. If you are not a AADvantage member, sign up today on aa.com and earn miles for today's flight. You can also earn miles with our hotel and car rental partners.
  3. In a few moments, we will be passing through the cabin to serve a selection of complimentary beverages. You can also chose from a variety of items for sale including: beer for $7.00, wine and spirits for $8.00 as well as Almond M&Ms for $3.00, Pringles for $4.00, a hummus and Chips for $4.00, or Fruit and Nut Mix for $5.00. Correct change is appreciated. Please note that we only accept cash onboard American Eagle.
  4. There are two lavatories on this aircraft. The lavatory in the front of the aircraft is reserved for those passengers seated in our first class cabin. The lavatory in the rear of the aircraft is reserved for those passengers seated in our coach cabin. We invite you to make yourself comfortable and enjoy your flight.
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Out-Of-Sterile Announcement
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