SAT Words (P)

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  1. Pacific (adj.)
  2. Palatable (adj.)
    agreeable to the taste or sensibilities
  3. Palette (adj.)
    a range of colors or qualities
  4. Palliate (v.)
    to reduce the severity of, ameliorate
  5. Pallid (v.)
    lacking color
  6. Panacea (n.)
    a remedy for all ills or difficulties
  7. Paradigm (n.)
    an example that is a perfect pattern or model
  8. Paradox (n.)
    an apparently contradictory statement that is perhaps true
  9. Paragon (n.)
    a model of excellence or perfection
  10. Paramount (adj.)
    greatest in importance, rank, character
  11. Pariah (n.)
    an outcast, a repulsive person
  12. Parody (n.)
    A satirical imitation
  13. Parsimony (n.)
    frugality, stinginess
  14. Partisan (n.)
    a follower, adherent
  15. Patent (adj.)
    readily seen or understood, clear
  16. Pathology (n.)
    a deviation from the normal; study of disease
  17. Pathos (n.)
    an emotion of sympathy
  18. Paucity (adj.)
    small in quantity
  19. Pejorative (adj.)
    derogatory, uncomplimentary
  20. Pellucid (adj.)
    easily intelligible, clear
  21. Penchant (n.)
    a tendency, partiality, preference
  22. Penitent (adj.)
    remorseful, regretful
  23. Penultimate (adj.)
    next to last
  24. Penurious (adj.)
    miserly, stingy
  25. Perfidious (adj.)
    disloyal, unfaithful
  26. Perfunctory (adj.)
    showing little interest or enthusiasm
  27. Permeate (v.)
    to spread throughout, saturate
  28. Pernicious (adj.)
    extremely destructive or harmful
  29. Perplex (v.)
    to confuse
  30. Perspicacity (adj.)
    shrewdness, perceptiveness
  31. Pert (adj.)
    flippant, bold
  32. Pertinacious (adj.)
    stubbornly persistent
  33. Perusal (n.)
    a careful review
  34. Pervasive (adj.)
    having the tendency to spread throughout
  35. Petulance (n.)
    rudeness, irritability
  36. Philanthropic (adj.)
    charitable, giving
  37. Phlegmatic (adj.)
    uninterested, unresponsive
  38. Pillage (v.)
    to seize or plunder
  39. Pinnacle (n.)
    the highest point
  40. Pithy (adj.)
    Concisely meaningful
  41. Pittance (n.)
    a very small amount
  42. Placate (v.)
    to ease the anger of, soothe
  43. Placid (adj.)
    calm, peaceful
  44. Platitude (n.)
    an uninspired remark, cliche
  45. Plaudits (n.)
    enthusiastic approval
  46. Plausible (adj.)
    believable or reasonable
  47. Plenitude (n.)
    an abundance
  48. Plethora (n.)
    an abundance or excess
  49. Pliable (adj.)
  50. Poignant (adj.)
    deeply affecting, moving
  51. Polemic (n.)
    an aggressive argument against a specific opinion
  52. Portent (n.)
    an omen
  53. Potable (adj.)
    Suitable for drinking
  54. Potentate (n.)
    one who has great power
  55. Pragmatic (adj.)
  56. Precipice (n.)
    the face of a cliff
  57. Preclude (v.)
    to prevent
  58. Precocious (adj.)
  59. Predilection (n.)
    a preference or inclination
  60. Preponderance (adj.)
    superiority in importance or quality
  61. Prepossessing (adj.)
    preoccupying the mind to the exclusion of all else
  62. Presage (n.)
    an omen
  63. Prescient (adj.)
    to have foreknowledge of events
  64. Prescribe (v.)
    to lay down a rule
  65. Presumptuous (adj.)
    disrespectfully bold
  66. Pretense (n.)
    an appearance or action intended to deceive
  67. Primeval (adj.)
    original, ancient
  68. Privation (n.)
    lacking basic necessities
  69. Probity (n.)
    virtue, integrity
  70. Proclivity (n.)
    a strong inclination towards something
  71. Procure (v.)
    to obtain or aquire
  72. Profane (adj.)
    lewd, indecent
  73. Profligate (adj.)
    dissolute, extravagant
  74. Profuse (adj.)
    plentiful, abundant
  75. Promulgate (v.)
    to proclaim, make known
  76. Propagate (v.)
    to multiply, spread out
  77. Propensity (n.)
    an inclination, preference
  78. Propitious (adj.)
  79. Propriety (n.)
    the quality/state of being proper, decent
  80. Prosaic (adj.)
    plain, lacking liveliness
  81. Proscribe (v.)
    to condemn, outlaw
  82. Protean (adj.)
    able to change shape
  83. Prowess (n.)
    extraordinary ability
  84. Prudence (n.)
    cautious, circumspect
  85. Prurient (adj.)
    eliciting or possessing an extraordinary interest in sex
  86. Puerile (adj.)
    juvenile, immature
  87. Pugnacious (adj.)
    quarrelsome, combative
  88. Pulchritude (n.)
    physical beauty
  89. Punctilious (adj.)
    eager to follow rules
  90. Pungent (adj.)
    having a pointed, sharp quality (often describing smells)
  91. Punitive (adj.)
    involving punishment
  92. Putrid (adj.)
    rotten, foul
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