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  1. What kind of MPDE do we have?
    • Colt-Pielstick high shock
    • Model 16PC2.5V STC Marine engines
    • 16 cylinder arranged in 45 degree vee configuration
    • Rated - 10,400 bhp
    • 520 rpm
    • Sequential turbocharge (STC)
    • 4-cycle
    • Non-reversing
    • Dry crankcase
  2. In the MPDE intake system, how many filter panels are there for each engine?
  3. What are the MPDE start permissive?
    • Barring gear disengaged
    • Clutch disengaged
    • E-stop normal
    • Overspeed normal
    • Emergency shut valve opened
    • Control air @ 189 psi min.
    • Local/remote in remote
  4. At what temperature should the MPDE L/O be prior to placing under load?
    100 F
  5. What are the logics for MPDE?
    • Normal pressure - 70-85 PSI
    • Stby pump starts - 58 PSI Alarm
    • Shut down - 50 PSI
  6. What are auto shutdowns for MPDE?
    • Loss of L/O
    • Overspeed
  7. What are the MPDE’s rated at?
    • 520
    • 200 – idle
  8. What is the special setpoint for overspeed trip?
    • 572-582 – mechanical
    • 582-592 – electrical
  9. What is the max combined exh cylinder temp?
  10. What is the JW outlet temp alarm setpoint?
  11. What is the Fuel filter Delta P setpoint?
  12. What is the rocker L/O strainer Delta P?
  13. What is the high exh cylinder temp?
  14. MPDE: What is the maximum clutch air pressure?
    190.7 psi
  15. MPDE: What is the start air pressure?
    399-500 psi
  16. MPDE: What is the start air pressure alarm?
    277 psi
  17. MPDE: What is the engine speed?
    200-526 rpm
  18. MPDE: What is the electrical shutdown speed?
    572 rpm
  19. MPDE: What is the range for fuel rack position?
    4-5 mm to 47 mm
  20. MPDE: What is the maximum air manifold pressure?
    35-140 psi
  21. MPDE: What is the air manifold temperature alarm?
    100 F
  22. MPDE: What is the maximum main bearing temperature?
    194 F
  23. MPDE: What is the maximum thrust bearing temperature?
    165 F
  24. MPDE: What is the minimum crankcase vacuum?
  25. MPDE: What is the cranckcase vacuum alarm?
  26. MPDE: What is the thrust bearing ahead/astern temperature alarm?
    199.9 F
  27. MPDE: What is the thrust bearing oil temperature alarm?
    160 F
  28. MPDE: What is the Mn pinion bearing temperature alarm?
    160 F
  29. MPDE: What is the bull gear bearing temperature alarm?
    150.1 F
  30. MPDE: What is the turning gear bearing temperature alarm?
    160 F
  31. MPDE: When is it safe to stop the last L/O pump?
    Until engine has come to a complete stop
  32. MPDE: How long can a L/O pump run after MPDE shutdown?
    10 min
  33. MPDE: When should the main engine L/O purification operate?
    • 2 hours prior to start (sump to sump)
    • Continuously during operation
    • 12 hours after shutdown
  34. MPDE: Before starting MPDE what should be the L/O temperature?
    100-140 F
  35. MPDE: Before engaging CPP clutch what should be the oil sump temperature?
    100-140 F
  36. MPDE: Before starting MPDE what should be the L/O inlet temperature?
    Greater than 110 F
  37. MPDE: Before starting MPDE what should be the JW outlet temperature?
    Great than 160 F
  38. MPDE: Why should the crankcase vacuum fan run at all times?
    To minimize moisture and condensate within the engine crankcase
  39. MPDE: When should the JW keep warm system be secured?
    Prior to starting MPDE
  40. MPDE: What is the F/O manifold pressure?
    35-50 psi
  41. MPDE: When should the dehumidifier be operated?
    • Off – when engine is running
    • On – when engine is secured
  42. MPDE: When should the electrostatic precipitator be operated?
    • Off – when engine is secured
    • On – when engine is running
  43. What is the setpoint for Main Bearing Temp? What is the Hi Deviation setpoint?
  44. What is the clutch air pressure low alarm?
  45. What is the low pressure alarm set point for Main Engine L/O pump?
  46. What is the blow in door setpoint?
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