Module L Intro to Periodontium

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  1. What is the anatomic crown
    part of the tooth covered with enamel
  2. What is the anatomic root
    part of the tooth covered by cementum
  3. What is the clinical crown
    • part of the tooth above the attached periodontal tissue
    • What we can clinically see
  4. What is the clinical root
    • –part of the tooth below the base of the periodontal pocket
    • –part of the root with attached periodontal fibers
  5. The lining of the oral mucosa is composed of what kind of tissue
    connective tissue covered with stratified squamous epithelium
  6. What are the three categories of oral mucosa
    • Masticatory
    • Lining mucosa
    • Specialized mucosa
  7. Describe the masticatory mucosa and where is it found
    • Firmly attached
    • Keratinized
    • Covers the gingiva and hard palate to include the free margin of the gingiva
  8. Describe the lining mucosa and where is it found
    • Non keratinized
    • Smooth and shiny
    • Not firmly attached to underlying tissue
    • Inner surfaces of the lips
    • Cheeks
    • Floor of the mouth
    • Underside of the tongue
    • Soft palate
    • Alveolar mucosa
  9. Where is the specialized mucosa found
    • Dorsum of the tongue (upper surface)
    • Composed of many papilla
    • Contains taste buds
  10. What are the four parts of the periodontium
    • gingiva
    • periodontal ligament
    • cementum
    • alveolar bone
  11. What are the four anatomic areas of the gingiva
    • Free gingiva
    • Gingival sulcus
    • Interdental gingiva
    • Attached gingiva
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