Chapter 5/ Readings 26 & 28

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  1. Assimilation:
    Process of adopting customs and attitudes of the dominant culture.
  2. Aculturation:
    Process of learning about a new culture and critically analyzing it.
  3. Race:
    Physical characteristics of a group of people.
  4. Ethnicity:
    A unique subgroup possessing an autonomous identity and structure that reside within a longer culture.
  5. Somebody commits a hate crime every ____.
  6. Every ___ at least _ blacks, _ whites, _ gays, _ Jews, and _ Latinos become a hate crime victim.
    day, 8, 3, 3, 3, 1
  7. Every ____ a cross is burned.
  8. At what age are children aware of racial differences?
  9. At what age can children hold stereotypes about ethic, racial, and religious groups.
  10. Most hate crimes have been committed by those under age __.
  11. List the following stages for racial/cultural identity development.
    • 1. Conformity¬†
    • 2. Dissonance
    • 3. Resistance/ Immersion
    • 4. Introspection
    • 5. Integrative Awareness
  12. What is the root of all racism?
  13. Conformity Stage:
    Dominant culture is values/ preferred; minority culture is devalued.
  14. Dissonance Stage:
    Virtually all energy is focused on conflicts about self, his/her minority, and the dominant group. No energy is spared about conflicts about other minorities.
  15. Resistance/ Immersion Stage:
    Complete endorsement of minority values and complete rejection of dominant culture values.
  16. Introspection Stage:
    Self definition is protective; no longer allow dominant culture to dictate how they act. They realized they were looking outward and not inward, which was exhausting. They won't act a certain way for the group or conform to their rigid views.
  17. Integrative Awareness Stage:
    Sense of inner security; no either/ or views.
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