call codes

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  1. 10-4
    to confirm you understand
  2. 10-7
    going on break - at location?
  3. 10-8
    when coming on duty or back on break and you are ready to take calls
  4. 10-9
    please repeat that
  5. 10-12
    when customer is in car and you are in route to destination
  6. 10-20
  7. 10-22
    a no show or cancellation at the door
  8. 10-49
    in route to a pick up or other destinationwith no customer in car
  9. 10-70
    going off duty
  10. 10-97
    arrived at location
  11. 10-98
    you've finished with fare. Customer is unloaded and youve been paid
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