Reinforced Concrete

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  1. List the primary components of concrete.
    • Coarse/Fine Aggregate
    • Water
    • Cement
    • Admixtures
    • Entrapped/Entrained Air
  2. Discuss Entrapped Air
    Entrapped air are big bubbles of air and are non uniform
  3. Discuss Entrained Air
    Uniformly distributed air bubbles
  4. Density of Normal Weight Concrete
    145 pcf = 150 pcf
  5. Why is the ratio of water to cement critical?
    As the water to cement ratio increases: the workability increases and the strength decreases
  6. Discuss aggregate in terms of a component of concrete
    • We would like aggregate to "control" the strength
    • 70-75% of mix by volume
  7. What factors affect compressive strength?
    • Water to cement ratio
    • Aggregate
    • Percent Air
    • Placement Quality
    • Curing
    • Test Method
  8. Discuss the short term behavior of concrete in uniaxial compression
  9. Discuss the short term behavior of concrete in biaxial compression
  10. Discuss the long term behavior of concrete in uniaxial compression
  11. Modulus of Elasticity

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Reinforced Concrete
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Reinforced Concrete Design
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