Biogeography: Earth/Sun Relationships & Climate Controls

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  1. Insolation differences by latitude:
    Cause: angle, area, and intensity
  2. Latitude measured:
    angle from center of the earth out to Equator and poles
  3. Earth's Orbital Path:
  4. No Seasons if:
    Rotational axis perpendicular to the orbital plane
  5. Axial tilt (inclination)
  6. Boreal Winter/Summer
    • W: Northern hemisphere tilted away from sun
    • S: Tilted towards
  7. Austrial Winter/Summer
    • W: tilted away from sun
    • S: Tilted towards
  8. Axial Parallelism
    Tilt of Earth's axis does not change
  9. Equinoxes
    • Mid period of solar calendar
    • Day Length = Night Length
    • Spring: March 21
    • Fall: Sept 23
    • Sun directly on equator
  10. Solstices
    • Winter: Dec. 21
    • - N pole has no sunlight
    • Summer: June 21
    • - N pole has no darkness
  11. Solar energy varies by:
    Latitude and Season
  12. Photoperiodism
    physiological reaction of organisms to the length of day or night
  13. Long Day Plants
    • flower when day length passes a certain length/critical threshold
    • Ex. Bigleaf maple
  14. Short Day Plants
    • day length decreases past certain length/critical threshold
    • Ex. Upland cotton
  15. Day Neutral Plants
    • Flower related to development stage or age
    • Ex. Tomato, cucumber
  16. Most important control on climate
    Latitude (with its connection to insolation)
  17. Factors that control climate at a given location:
    • Topography
    • Elevation
    • Latitude
    • Local features
    • Circulation factors
    • Ocean currents
    • Distance to water bodies
  18. Continentality:
    Distance to large water bodies
  19. Temperature measured:
    • a measure of kinetic (motion) enery of individual molecules
    • Fewer at higher = fewer collisions = lower temp
  20. Tree Line:
    Location where temp is too cold to support tree growth
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