Kansas History Test part 5

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  1. Kansas became a state when?
    January 29th, 1861
  2. The only Civil War battle fought in Kansas was  where?
    Mine Creek
  3. Before the telegraph, how was mail delivered?
    Pony Express
  4. What were 3 major events that occurred in 1861?
    Kansas became a state, Lincoln became President, and The Civil War started.
  5. What were two results of the Civil War?
    • Slavery ended
    • Union won
  6. What are 5 facts about John Brown?
    • 1. He fought at the Battle of Black Jack
    • 2. Led the Pottawatomie Massacre
    • 3. Was a martyr
    • 4. His 5 sons were killed
    • 5. He was hung for being a traitor
  7. Quantrill's Raid  5W's and H
    • Who: Quantrill and his men
    • What: Attacked Lawrence
    • When: August 21, 1863
    • Where: Lawrence, KS
    • Why: Free State Settlement
    • How: Sneak attacks, early morning attacks
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Kansas History Test part 5
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