Ren R 441 Regosols

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  1. main characteristics
    • well to imperfectly drained 
    • no diagnostic horizon - not developed enough
    • lack of a B horizon (or less than 5cm)
  2. colluvium
    material that accumulates at the foot of a steep slope
  3. distribution in canada
    • no specific zonation
    • erosional and depositional portions of landscapes
  4. great groups
    • regosol
    • humic regosols
  5. regosol GG
    Ah or Ap horizon < 10cm thick
  6. humic regosol GG
    Ah horizon >10cm thick
  7. subgroups
    • orthic
    • cumulic
    • gleyed
    • gleyed cumulic
  8. soils with _________ of pedogenic properties
    juvenile expression
  9. 6 factors of water erosion
    • rainfall
    • runoff
    • soil erodibility
    • slope gradient and curvature
    • vegetation cover
    • tillage
  10. 4 types of water erosion
    • sheet erosion
    • rill erosion
    • gully erosion
    • bank erosion
  11. what does wind erosion depend on?
    soil particle size and wind strength
  12. rate and magnitude of wind erosion depends on:
    • soil erodibility
    • surface roughness
    • climate
    • windbreaks
    • vegetation cover
  13. tillage erosion
    redistribution of soil through the action of tillage and gravity
  14. management of regosols: if tillage is required consider the following
    • equipment
    • direction
    • speed and depth
    • number of passes
  15. management of regosols: reclaiming highly erodible soils
    • cover exposed soil
    • avoid excavation
    • use tackifiers to prevent erosion
  16. management of regosols: low nutrient status
    • amendments like compost, fertilizers, pulp sludge
    • pulp sludge: high organic N content
  17. management of regosols: low water holding capacity
    increase OM from amendments and vegetation that binds soil, contributes carbon and nutrients
  18. vegetation fascines
    • poplar or aspen cuttings placed in shallow trenches
    • slows water flow, catches litter and will eventually root
    • prevents depositional fan
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