art identification quiz 3

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    Apollo of veii, Etruscan, 6th, BC, painted teracotta
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    'battle of issus', greek, hellenistic peiod mosaic, 4th, roman mosaic copy of late 2nd or early 1st
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    'dying warrior' from east pediment of the temple of aphaia at aegina, greek, late archaic, 6th
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    euthymides; dancing revelers, detail of an attic red figure amphora, greek, late archaic, amphora,6th
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    exekias;achilles and ajax playing dice, greek, black figure, late archaic, amphora, 6th
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    geometric krater, dipylon cemetary, athens, greek, geometric period, black figure amphora, 8th
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    kritos boy, greek, early classical, marble,5th
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    myron; discobolos, greek, early classical, roman copy of greek bronze original, 5th
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    nike fastening her sandal,  parapet of the temple of athena mike, akropolis, athens,greek, classical releif sculpture, 5th
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    nike of samothrace, greek, hellenistic, marble, 2nd
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    parthenon, akropolis, veiw from west, athens, greek, classical architecture, 5th
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    polykleitos; doryphoros (spear bearer) greek, classical, 5th, roman marble copy of greek original
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    praxitiles; aphrodite of knidos, greek, late classical, 4th, roman marble copy of greek bronze original
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    praxitiles; hermes and the infant dionysus, late classical,4th, roman marble copy of greek bronze original
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    reconstructed altar of zues, pergamon, greek, hellenistic architecture, 2nd
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    sarchophagus with reclining couple, etruscan, 6th, painted teracotta
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    temple of hera I, the basilica, paestum italy, 6th,greek , doric temple, archaic peirod
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    the peplos kore from the akropolis, greek, archaic, marble,6th
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    the she wolf of the capitoline, etruscan, bronze, etruscan
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