id quiz 4 part 1

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    Ara Pacis, Rome, late 1st century BC, Roman, early imperical period
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    Arch of Titus in Rome, Roman early imperical triumphal arch, mid 1st century AD
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    Bacchic mysteries, wall painting, villa of the mysteries, Pompeii, roman fresco painting, 2nd style (architectural), early imperial period, 1st century BC
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    battle of Romans and barbarians, Ludovisi battle sarcophagus, imperial roman, 3rd century AD, marble
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    column of Trajan, Rome, early imperial period, early 2nd century AD
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    Equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius, Rome, early imperial period, late 2nd century AD, marble
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    Funerary relief of the Gessii family, 1st century BC, roman, republican period, marble
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    Garden Landscape, 2nd style roman fresco painting, villa of livia, primaporta, early imperial period, late 1st century BC
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    imperial procession, from the Ara Pacis, Rome, roman early imperial period, detail of frieze,late 1st century AD
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    Portrait of Augustus as General, (the primaporta Augustus) possibly a marble copy of bronze original, roman, early imperial period, early 1st century AD
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    Soils from Herod's Temple, Jerusalem, relief from arch of Titus in Rome, roman, early imperial period, sculpture, mid 1st century AD
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    temple of Portunus, Rome, republican roman, 1st century BC
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    the arch of Constantine, rome, late imperial period, early 4th century AD
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    the asiatic, sarcophagus with Kline portrait, roman imperial, 2nd century AD
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    the pantheon, roman imperial architecture, early imperial period, early 2nd century AD
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    the Pont-du-Gard, aqueduct, nimes, france, roman, early imperial period, 1st century BC
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    the tetrarchs, late roman, imperial period, early 4th century AD, porphyry
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