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  1. BENE
    is Latin for "well"

    • A benefit is a good result or effect¬†
    • Something beneficial produces good results or effects

    • The latin root can be heard in other languages as well:"Dood!" or "Fine!"
    • In Spanish is "Bueno!" in French, it's "Bon"; and in Italian, just say "Bene!"
  2. Benediction
    A prayer that asks for God's blessing,especially a prayer that concludes a worship service.

    The moment the bishop had finished his benediction, she squeezed quickly out of her row and darted out the cathedral's side entrance.

    In benediction, the bene root is joined by another Latin root, dictio,"speaking", so the words's meaning becomes something like "well-wishing"
  3. benefactor
    Somenoe who helps another person or group, especially by giving money

    An anonymous benefactor had given $15 milion to extablish an ecological institute at the university.

    A benefactor may be involved in almost any field. One may endow a scholarship fund; another may give money to expand a library; still another amy leave a generous sum to a hospital in her will.

    The famous benefactions of John D.Rockefeller included the gits that established the University of Chicago, the Rockefeller Foundation ,adn Rockefeller University. 

    Many benefactors have reported that giving away their money turned out to be the most rewarding thing they ever did.
  4. beneficiary
    A person or organization that benefits or is expected to benefit from something, especially one that receives money or property when someone dies.

    Living in a trailer in near-poverty, she received word in the mail that her father had died, naming her as the sole beneficiary of his life-insurance policy.

    Beneficiary is often used in connection with life insurance, but it shows up in many other contexts as well. A college may be the beneficiary of a private donation. Your uncle's will may make a church his sole beneficiary, in which case all his money and property will go to it when he dies. A"third-party beneficiary" of a contract is a person (often a child) who the people signing the contract( which is usually an insurance policy or an employee-benefit plan) want to benefit from it. In a more general way, a small business may be a beneficiary of changes to the tax code, or a restaurant may be the beneficiary when the one across the street closes down and its whole lunch crowd starts coming in.
  5. benevolence
    kindnes, generosity

    In those financially desperate years, the young couple was saved only by the benevolence of her elderly great-uncle

    Part of benevolence comes from the Latin root meaning "wish". The novels of Charles Dickens often include a benevolent figure who rescues the main characters at some point. To be benevolent, it helps to have money, but it's not necessary; kind assistance of a non-financial sort may turn out to be lifesaving benevolence as well.
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