Air Canada FOM

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  1. Immediate Communication Required with Flight Attendants.
    In Charge  Flight Attendants report to/call the flight deck.
  2. Signal for Flight Attendant to be Seated.
    Emergency Stations - Emergency Stations.
  3. Brace for Landing.
    Brace for landing - Brace for landing.
  4. Initiating Rapid Deplanement.
    Deplane immediately and leave your personal belongings.
  5. Initiating Evacuation.
    Evacuate - Evacuate.
  6. Pre-Depressurization.
    Attention, Flight Attendants secure the cabin, passengers take your seats.
  7. Post Depressurization.
    In-Charge Flight Attendant report to/call the flight deck.
  8. P-EFB, PED or Laptop Fire in the flight deck.
    Backup to the flight deck, backup to the flight deck.
  9. PA after ground event with no immediate evacuation is required.
    Remain seated, remain seated
  10. PA after ground event when PIC deems and evacuation necessary.
    Evacuate, evacuate.
  11. Unanticipated Moderate Turbulence or above.
    Flight Attendants and passengers be seated immediately with your sea belts fastened.
  12. Emergency during Push Back: Lead to Cockpit.
    ''Emergency, Emergency, Set Brakes, Set Brakes.''If no Headset: Long continuous Horn and abruptly extend arms and wands to top of head, crossing wands.
  13. Emergency during Push Back: Cockpit to Lead.
    ''Emergency, Emergency, Stop Pushback, Stop Pushback.''If no Headset: Cross both arms in front of face, then clench fists.
  14. B787 One Minute Increments of Fuel
    • 90 KG / Flight Minute
    • 20 KG / Taxi Minute
  15. B787 MFOD
    4000 KG
  16. Max Take Off Alternate Distance
    • 787-8: 60 mins: 377 NM, ETOPS 754 NM
    • 787-9: 60 mins: 384 NM, ETOPS 768 NM
    • Both at 330 KIAS
  17. Max Fuel Loading Error
    400 KG
  18. Passenger Count Tolerance
    • 787-8 ± 10
    • 787-9 ± 12
  19. Take-OFF advisory to the cabin crew.
    ''Flight Attendants take position for Take-Off''
  20. CAT II Visibility requirements.
    • Canada: RVR A 1200, RVR B 600
    • US: 1 RVR 1600, 2 or More RVR, 1200/600/300
    • Other: RVR A 350 M, RVR B 175 M
  21. CAT III Lowest approved minimums
    • CAT III LAND 3, AH 100': RVR 150 feet, 50 M
    • CAT III LAND 2, DH 50': RVR 600 feet, 175 M
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