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  1. indigestible residue of phagocytosis
  2. In which tissues is lipofuscin commonly found? (3)
    • Cardiac Muscle
    • Liver
    • Nerve Cells
  3. A gap junction is composed of:
    Interlocking transmembrane proteins
  4. tight junctions are composed of:
    • Anastomosing Ridges of
    • Transmembrane protein
  5. Zonula Adherions are composed of:
    • Actin Filaments
    • Transmembrane proteins
  6. Macula Adherens are composed of:
    • Electron-dense plaque
    • Filaments
    • Transmembrane Filaments
  7. Microfilaments are involved in activities, such as:
    • endocytosis
    • exocytosis
    • cell migratory activity
  8. Function of Intermediae Filaments
  9. Desmin, intermediate filaments are found in
    muscle cells
  10. Function of Mast Cells
    produce Heparin & Histamine
  11. Functons of plasma cells:
    produce antibodies
  12. Fibrocartilage is found in:
    • Intervertebral discs
    • menisci
  13. Function of osteoblasts:
    bone forming
  14. Osteocytes are...
    mature bone cells
  15. Osteoclasts are....
    bone eating cells
  16. Hyaluronic Acid is found in...
    • vitreous body of eye
    • Synovial fluid
  17. Steps of bone repair:
    • 1. osteogenic cells proliferate
    • 2. form bony trabculae (close to frag)
    • 3. differentiate into chrondroblasts, than catilage (far from frag)
    • 4. cart replaced by bone
    • 5. osteoclasts remodel
  18. Which muscles are striated?
    • Cardiac
    • Skeletal
  19. Which muscle is non-striated
  20. Thick filaments=
    Thin Filaments=
    • Thick= myosin
    • Thin= actin
  21. meninges are desribed as and located...
    layers that surround the CNS and roots of the PNS
  22. special impulse conducting fibers in cardiac muscles
    purkinje fibers
  23. Bipolar neurons are found in...
    retina of the eye
  24. Bipolar neurons have ___ axon(s) and ___ dendrite(s)
    1 and 1
  25. What produces the myelin sheath for insulation
  26. Function of microglial cells
    phagocytic cells
  27. microglial cells are derived from
    bone marrow
  28. Ependymal Cells are found in:
    • lining of the ventricles in the brain
    • and
    • the central canal of the spinal cord
  29. what insulates axons in the CNS
  30. what insulates axons in the PNS
    neurolemmocytes (schwann Cells)
  31. what is the function of ependymal cells
    movement of cerebral spinal fluid
  32. Where are motor end plates located (specifically)?
    • the end of a terminal branch of an Efferent neuron
    • in the trough of the
    • Muscle plate
  33. A nuromuscular gap is btw
    • motor end plate
    • and
    • muscle sole plate
  34. Layers of the cerebral cortex
    • molecular
    • outter granular
    • outter pyramidal
    • inner granular
    • inner pyramidal
    • fusciform
  35. Layers of the Cerebellum
    • Outter Molecular
    • Purkinji Fibers
    • Inner Granular
  36. What produces CSF?
    choroid plexuses
  37. CSF is produced in the ____ and exits through the_______
    • Ventricles
    • lateral aperatures
  38. Funciton of CSF
    Protection for the brain and spinal cord

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