IE 5-2

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  1. Advantage of Home-schooling (7)
    • Some parents decide to educate their children at home
    • some families live in isolated areas with poor transport
    • Other parents are not satisfied with local schools 
    • Parents can respond to what their children need and how they learn best 
    • One-to-one lessons allow much faster progress
    • The child can work at his or her own pace 
    • Discipline problems are avoided by home-schooling
  2. Disadvantages of home-schooling (9)
    • Most parents do not have the time to educate their children at home 
    • One parent would need to give up work
    • School subjects are normally taught by up to ten different teachers
    • Most parents do not have necessary knowledge or resources 
    • Private tutors are expensive 
    • Children will miss out on the social experience that school offers 
    • At school, children learn how to get on with each other 
    • Home-schooled children may lack social skills 
    • Schools offter a better overal educational experience
  3. Bad behavior in schools :causes (7)
    Bad behavior is due to a lack of structure and discipline

    • There are too many children in some classes
    • Large classes are difficult to manage
    • Many disruptive students come from an unstable family background
    • Other parents are too lenient and spoil their children
    • Some children are used to getting whatever they want
    • Schools can do very little if they are not supported by parents  
  4. Bad behavior in schools : solutions (9)
    • Schools need a clear code of conduct 
    • Schools need a clear set of rules about behavior 
    • They need to create a positive working atmosphere
    • Teachers must have the power to punish disruptive students 
    • Schools should remove difficult children from lessons
    • Schools need to work closely with parents 
    • Discipline could be lacking at home 
    • Parents must support the school rules 
    • They should take responsibility for their children's behavior
  5. Corporal Punishment : Opinion (5)
    • Corporal Punishment is not a good idea 
    • Physical punishment is a way of controlling children using fear 
    • This does not promote trust between adults and children
    • Children who are punished physically may become shy or resentful
    • Corporal punishment creates an atmosphere of fear and anger 
  6. Single sex Education: Advantages (5)
    • Some people believe that male and female students should go to separate schools 
    • This often for religious or cultural reasons 
    • Discipline problems might be avoided by separating boys and girls 
    • Boys and girls may learn in different ways and have different needs 
    • Student at single-sex schools often get better exam grades.
  7. Single-sex Education: Disadvantages (5)
    • Separating boys and girls is unnecessary 
    • It is unhealthy in terms of children's social development 
    • Many coeducational schools are extremely successful 
    • A mixed-sex environment is more representative of real life 
    • Coeducational schools provide children with better social skills for adult life
  8. Advantages of streaming (grouping children according to ability ) (6)
    • Some schools separate students according to their academic ability 
    • Teachers can work at the right speed for their students 
    • Teachers can plan more suitable lessons
    • High-level groups may progress faster 
    • Lower level groups can benefits from a slower pace 
    • Some teachers and parents support streaming for these reasons
  9. Disadvantages of streaming (7)
    • Grouping by ability may have a negative impact on students 
    • Children do not want to be seen as less intelligent than others 
    • Streaming could damage students' self esteem 
    • They may lose motivation 
    • Students from wealthier families tend to be better prepared 
    • Children from poorer families may receive less support from parents 
    • Mixed ability classes encourage everyone to achieve their potential
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