Vocabulary Quiz #4

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  1. Terminate
    To end; bring to an end

    Because Elaine has not paid her electricity bill in five months, her utility company is going to terminate her service.
  2. Cognizant
    Aware, having knowledge; fully informed

    My teenage daughter will not become cognizant of the dangers of driving until she gets her license.
  3. Indigent
    Poor, needy; poverty stricken

    In many indigent countries, people often go days without eating.
  4. Surge
    To rush or increase suddenly, as current or voltage.

    The electrical surge caused the GFI breaker to blow, and the lights to go out.
  5. Implacable
    cannot be pacified, inexorable, relentless  unappeasable

    The little boy was implacable when his parents left him alone with the babysitter.
  6. Reprehensible
    Worthy of blame; open to criticism

    A reprehensible act of violence was committed at school today.
  7. Tranquil
    Quiet, peaceful, calm

    Since we were the only ones on the beach, we enjoyed a tranquil day.
  8. Exacerbate
    To irritate, make worse; aggravate

    If you do not take your medicine, you condition will exacerbate, and you will feel worse.
  9. Succumb(ed)
    To give way to superior force; give up or give in; to yield

    Although Jerry gave up smoking, there is always a chance he might succumb to his old habit.
  10. Ubiquitous
    Being everywhere at the same time; omnipresent

    Because the police presence was ubiquitous at the parade, everyone felt very safe.
  11. Privation
    Lack of the usual comforts or necessities of life; An act, condition, or result of deprivation or loss

    Although she was born into poverty, Samantha vowed that she would work hard to escape the life of privation she had suffered in her childhood.
  12. Excruciating
    Agonizing torturing, extremely painful; causing intense suffering

    Jane lowers her curtains and goes to bed whenever she has an excruciating headache.
  13. Turbulent
    Unruly, agitated, riotous; violently disturbed or confused

    After my parent’s turbulent marriage came to an end, we finally had peace in our house.
  14. Thwart
    To hinder, defeat; to hinder; to prevent the occurrence.

    John realized that news of the scandal was going to thwart any chances of his winning the election.
  15. Besiege
    To surround with hostile forces, to crowd around; hem in

    Journalists cannot wait to besiege the president with questions about his mistress.
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