Image Fitness Training RT Exercises

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    • Exercise: Bicep Curl (Standing Barbell)
    • Type: Isolation (elbow joint)
    • Body part: Arm
    • Primary mover: Biceps brachiiImage Upload
    • Assisting muscles: Forearms
    • Free Weight Variations: Standing/ seated barbell curls, Standing/ seated dumbbell curls, Incline seated curls, Preacher curls, Hammer curls.
    • Machine Variations: Cable curls, Machine bicep curls
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    • Exercise: Tricep Pushdown
    • Type: Isolation (elbow joint)
    • Body part: Arm
    • Primary mover: Triceps brachiiImage Upload
    • Assisting muscles: Forearms
    • Exercises to work same muscle: Overhead Tricep extension, Tricep kickbacks, Tricep dips
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    • Exercise: Bench Press (barbell flat)
    • Type: Compound (shoulder & elbow joint)
    • Body part: Chest
    • Primary mover: Pectoralis majorImage Upload
    • Assisting muscles: Anterior deltoids & triceps.
    • Compound Exercises to work same muscle: Barbell/ dumbbell bench press, Machine chest press, Press ups
    • Isolation Exercises to work same muscle: Dumbbell/cable flyes
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    • Exercise: Bent over row (barbell)
    • Type: Compound (shoulder & elbow joint)
    • Body part: Back
    • Primary mover: Latissimus dorsiImage Upload
    • Assisting muscles: Upper back, biceps & posterior deltoids.
    • Exercises to work same muscle: Single arm row, Machine row, Cable row
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