Specialty materials

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  1. the most common example of a removable ortho appliance is a
  2. Stainless steel bands are _______ onto molars
  3. Brackets are bonded with
    macrofilled composite
  4. What are the three types of brackets and what are the properties
    • —Stainless steel – most widely used
    • Ceramic – strong compressive strength, but brittle
    • —Polymers – ex. Polycarbonate resin. Weak due to creep. Some with metal reinforcement to the bracket slot = improved strength.
  5. Wires are used as _______ and has a property called _______ which is ______, the most commonly used is
    • springs and stabilizers
    • Elastic deformation
    • stored energy pushes on the tooth as the wire regains its shape
    • Stainless steel
  6. ______ is another popular material used in wires because _______
    • Nickel titanium
    • they can store more energy and create more push
  7. Elastics are
    Rubber bands that assist with tooth positioning
  8. Ligatures are
    —Rubber rings that hold the arch wire onto brackets
  9. A palatal expander is a ________ appliance with a high ______ content
    • stainless steel
    • nickel
  10. Typical maxillary retainer is
    acrylic with wire clasps
  11. Invisalign is made of
  12. Endodontics is the specialty of dentistry that
    treats pathology of the pulp and periapical tissues of teeth
  13. For the anterior teeth during root canal therapy access to the roots are through the ______
  14. We used _______ to cleanse and shape the root canal
    metal files and paper points
  15. endodontic files are made of
    —stainless steel or nickel titanium (NiTi)
  16. Paper points are
    rolled cones of paper used to dry the inside of the canal before closing or obturation
  17. What is Obturation
    Completely filling canal space to prevent the regrowth of bacteria and reinfection of the tooth. Ideal filling is dense and extends to the apical foramen
  18. Sealer is a type of
    dental cement that coats canal walls as the first step in obliterating the canal space
  19. Sealer is predominately _________ and ______
    • Predominantly ZOE with additives. Some are CaOH
    • —Fills the gap between the canal and gutta percha
  20. gutta percha is a _______ with ____ added for _____
    • polymeric material used to fill canals
    • Barium sulfate
    • radio-opacity
  21. The excess of gutta percha can be removed with
    a hot instrument
  22. Silver points are
    cones of silver that were used many years ago to obturate canals
  23. After root canal restoration is restoration of an anterior tooth is done with ______ while a posterior teeth is done with a ____
    • composite filling
    • crown
  24. When treatment fails, tooth can be
    —retreated by removing the filling and redoing convention RCT
  25. surgery on the root is called an _____ which is a _____ and then ______ which is most commonly _____
    • apicoectomy
    •  removal of 1 to 3 mm of the root apex
    • placement of a retrofill to seal the root
    • MTA
  26. What is a Surgical pack
    Acts as a bandage over the surgical site
  27. the original formula of the surgical pack all contained
  28. Sutures are used to
    —reposition tissue and effect “closed” wound healing
  29. absorbable sutures can be
    surgical gut (taken from cow or sheep intestines) or a synthetic polyglycolic acid
  30. nonabsorbable sutures can be ______ and must be ________
    • natural such as silk or synthetic
    • removed
  31. the smallest size of sutures are ______ and the largest is ______
    • 000 called “triple ought"
    • 8-0 size called “eight ought”
  32. Needles are usually ______ and the ones mostly used are _______
    • stainless steel
    • Swaged needles
  33. Membranes are used to
    used to prevent the apical downgrowth of epithelium at the base of a periodontal pocket to allow for bone to grow coronally
  34. epithelium growth is _____ than bone
  35. membranes can be ________ or _______
    absorbable or nonabsorbable
  36. Arestin is
  37. Atridox is
  38. When pulp of deciduous tooth is infected the treatment is a _______ where placed  _______ is placed into the pulp chamber to sterilize or mummify the remaining pulpal tissue. The chamber is filled with _______ and restored with a ______
    • Pulpotomies
    • Formocreosol
    • cement typically ZOE
    • stainless steel crown
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