History 13

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  1. introduced Roman Catholicism to England
  2. First great king of England
    Alfred the Great
  3. Earliest known inhabitants of the British Isles
  4. who won the Battle of Hastings
    William the Conqueror( London)
  5. Most important Norman king
    Henry I
  6. first Plantagenet king of England
    Henry II
  7. who was king of France when John was king of England
    Philip Augustus
  8. when and where was the Magna Carta signed
    • June 15, 1215
    • meadow of Runnymede
  9. who was queen of both England and France
    Eleanor of Aquitaine
  10. who called the first meeting of parliament
    • Simon de Montfort
    • 1265
  11. national hero of Scotland
    Sir William Wallace
  12. the Hundred Year's War was between what two countries
    • England
    • France
  13. What was the last battle in The War of Roses
    Battle of Bosworth Field
  14. hero of Scotland
    William Wallace
  15. who started the model of Parliament in 1295
    Edward I
  16. who started the House of Lords, and the House of Commons
    Edward III
  17. who began the Capetian line of French kings was in 987
    Hugh Capet
  18. who made the kingdom of France stronger than any other single noble in France
    Philip II
  19. who occupied the Iberian Pen.
  20. what was the Roman name for Spain
  21. who united the kingdom of Aragon and Castile
    • Ferdinand
    • Isabella
  22. what was used to root up and destroy "heretics" in Spain
    Spanish Inquisition
  23. who was the king when Portugal became free from the Moors
    Alfonso Henriques
  24. which king marked Portugal's great days of glory
    John I
  25. what was it called when Europe began in earnest to explore distant lands across uncharted seas
    Age of Exploration
  26. who promoted the spirit of exploration
    Prince Henry the Navigator
  27. first European to reach far east by sea
    Vasco de Gama
  28. who built the first great civilization in the Western hemisphere
  29. most powerful Native American empire at the beginning of the Age of Exploration
  30. made first Spanish landing on the North American mainland
    Ponce de León
  31. crossed the Isthmus of Panama and discovered the Pacific Ocean
    Vasco de Balboa
  32. who sailed a three year voyage around the world
    Ferdinand Magellan
  33. sailed to the Cape of Good Hope
    Bartolomeu Dias
  34. conquered the Aztec Indians
    Hernando Cortés
  35. who discovered the grand canyon
    Francisco Coronado
  36. who discovered brazil
    Pedro Cabral
  37. discovered the St. Lawrence River
    Jacques Cartier
  38. First modern explorer to reach modern American mainland
    John Cabot
  39. what German scholar wrote the first systematic theology of the Protestant Reformation and the first Protestant confession of faith
    Phillip Melanchthon
  40. produced the first printed English translation of the New Testament from the original Greek
    William Tyndale
  41. one of the leading French Renaissance scholars
    Jacques Lefèvre d'Etaples
  42. most famous figure of the Northern Renaissance
  43. discovered the Mississippi River
    Hernando de Soto
  44. sold indulgences throughout Germany
    Johann Tetzel
  45. date of Ninety-five Thesis
    October 31, 1517
  46. what school did Martin Luther teach at
  47. What hymn did Martin Luther write
    A Mighty Fortress is Our God
  48. founder of the Mennonites
    Menno Simons
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