JavaScript, JQuery

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  1. What does Javascript do
    • Create, modify and remove elements in a page dynamically
    • Change all the HTML elements in the page
    • Change all the HTML attributes in the page
    • Change all the CSS styles in the page
    • Remove existing/add new HTML elements and attributes
    • React to all existing HTML EVENTS in the page
    • Create new HTML events
  2. Dom tree
    describes the relationships among elements
  3. Node Properties
    • parentNode
    • childNodes[nodenumber]
    • firstChild
    • lastChild
    • nextSibling
    • previousSibling
  4. DOM Collections
    • Groups of related objects on a page
    • -links, images, forms, and anchors
  5. What is jQuery
    • Cross-browser JavaScript library, which aims to simplify JavaScript programming
    • Free, open source software
  6. Core features of jQuery
    • DOM element selection and minpulation
    • Handling events
    • Creating animations
    • Ajax applications
  7. Advantages of jQuery
    • Separation of JavaScript and HTML
    • Brevity and clarity
    • Elimination of cross-browser incompatibilties
    • Extensibility
  8. jQuery Syntax
  9. Image Upload 1
    Basic Selectors
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  10. jQuery manipulating HTML

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  11. jQuery Manipulating CSS

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