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  1. talk about the relationship between harmonic rhythm and meter
    harmonic rhythm is intimately tied to and helps reinforce the moeter.

    when make a choice between using one chord or another. you must consider its metric placement, since a change to a new harmony creates an accent, and such harmonic accents usually align with metric accents.

    change chords when moving from a weak to a strong beat. Avoid a syncopated harmonic rhythm.
  2. what do you need to notice when harmonising 3/4
    in 3/4 you will often encounter a harmonic change on beat 3, creating the familiar accentual pattern of long-short, which helps to underscore the triple meter.

    one exception to avoiding a syncopated harmonic rhythm occurs in 3/4 at a cadence, when the dominant enters on beat 2 and is sustained through beat 3.

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  3. another aspect of pitch organization
    • the contrapuntal relationship (outer-voice framework) is quite important: for every change of harmony (bass note), ¬†there is a single, primary soprano note.¬†
    • we place the outer-voice framework in a rhythmical-meterical context, one that is fleshed out with complete chords and textural embellishments( just leaves on a tree, decorate but note obscure the structural baranches).
  4. talk about hat heappend in this picture?Image Upload 2
    this picture demonstrates how a soprano voice can help distinguish structural from ornamental harmonies, and how a basic two-voice structure might be ornamented -- a process called embellishment.
  5. what you have learned from this pictureImage Upload 3
    Embellishment takes many forms, including the simple process of sustaining and revoicing a tonic harmony that leads to a dominant chord. By adding a recurring eighth-note rhythmic figure we energize the texture. Finally, with a fwe passing tones, we have the opening of "spring" from vivaldi's seasons.
  6. what you have learned from this pictureImage Upload 4
    supermetrical figurations are embellishing figures (like the large-scale melodic pessing figure D-E-F) whose durations extend byond the value of the beat.
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