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  1. The Problem - These are the underlying causes as to why the window stood broken for so long.

    1. Upon reporting the incident to Facilities Services, the Res Life staff assumed her job was done and didn't place a work order. 

    2. There was no follow-up to the swing shift report. The report goes out but no one has defined who is responsible to follow-up. 

    3. The swing shift report. It is received by many, but there is no clear indication as to what it's purpose is or how it is to be utilized. 

    4. There is currently no process or forum for people to get information about an existing or potential work order. Everyone assumes others are taking responsibility for follow-up.

    5.  The problem didn't reach the appropriate personnel because there was no work order placed.
  2. Proposal

    Res Life staff will put in a work order when they enter the duty report in non-emergency situations.

    Facilities Services puts in a work order in emergency situations.            
    - This will initiate the repair process immediately and eliminate the swing shift report. 

    Make TMA searchable according to location. 

    TMA read only access for Housing and Res Life staff. 

    Create a quick fact sheet that references how or when things should be reported. Safety or liability are emergencies.
  3.  The Plan:  

    1. Training on the process. 
    Emergency/non-emergency situations.

    Safety and liability concerns.

    EXAMPLE An a/c unit that is not working is not an emergency. A broken sink that is flooding a bathroom is. 

    2. Quick Fact sheet         

      -If swing shift report remains, training can happen on who is the follow up

    3. Work with TMA vendor and IT to see how and if it is possible to add more options to TMA.

    4. Create accountability for reporting incidents among students and staff to increase awareness of the TMA system and how to report incidents.            

    EXAMPLE ROAR (Resources, Observe, Act, Report), Disneyland - Pick it up don’t pass it up.    

    5. Create an ongoing evaluation of communication between departments. This could be included in the bi-weekly meetings
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