that's english modulo7 unit 2A writing 1

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  1. look into

    If dugs could help you earn millions of dollars, wouln't you look into the possibility of using them?

    look into the possibility of +ing = examinar la posibilidad , considerar la posibilidad
  2. look into the possibility of +ing
    examinar la posibilidad

    they will look into the possibility of extending the project to

    The Commission to look into the possibility of presenting a report,
  3. focus on
    centrarse, concentrarse en

    Professional sport is now a huge business operation where people just focus on money

    I just focus on my performance.

    you're trying to do too many things, you need to focus on a smaller number of activities
  4. set up
    instalar, find, invent 

    we must set up better programmers to detect the ilegal use of drugs (instalar) (desarrollar)

    Joe my trainer has set up a specially equipped gym ( instalar)

    I can't set up this experimente if i don't have the right equipment (realizar)

    we set up a small telescope with a camera that uses filters to capture light (instalar)
  5. keep up with
    be constantly informed about/ estar al dis

    Scientists need to keep up with the latest discoveries in their field 

    I can't keep up with all your news if you do something different every day

    he always figures out great ways to train and keeps up with the last developments in bikes and technology
  6. estar al dia
    keep up with
  7. desarrollar, instalar, realizar( programas experimentos)
    set up
  8. considerar, examinar ( la posibilidad)
    look into
  9. concentrarse en
    focus on
  10. back up
    fundamentar, apoyar ( cientificamente), justificar, sustentar

    justify/ support

    you must back up your opinions with facts

    To back up my opinion on both extremes

    that's an interesting theory where is the data to back it up

    • the evidence to back it up. la evidencia que lo sustente
  11. sustentar apoyar, justificar (investigacion, trabajo, etc)
    back up
  12. come up with
    find, invent  encontrar, 

    i must come up the way to improve my performance

    That is a terrible idea, Can't you come up with something better?

    • we must work together to come up with a solution.
    • they need to come up with ideas ( proponer ideas)
    • I hope we come up with a solution in the near future. ( espero que se solucione en un futuro proximo)
  13. solucionar, encontrar solución
    come up with

    • come up with a way to improve
    • come up with a idea to
    • come up with a solution that can....
  14. fall behind
    quedarse atrás, quedar rezagado 

    We will fall behind other countries if we don't spend more on research

    you are going to fall behind the rest of th class if you don't work harder.

    we do not change direction, we will not only fall behind others, but also our own opportunities and our dreams.
  15. quedarse rezagado, quedarse atras
    • fall behind  with the payment
    • fall behind the rest of.........
    • ....................
  16. expresiones para redactar
    some people believe.......while others oppose it strongly

    On the one hand they argue............beside

    on the other hand, others think that 

    in conclusion, while.... others believe 

    in my view.
  17. redaccion
    Should the government spend more money

    on scientific research?

    Some people believe that the government should pay for scientific research, while others oppose it strongly.

    On the one hand, they argue that scientific research saves and improves millions of people’s lives every year. Besides, when a country spends money on research, it also creates new industries and new jobs.

    On the other hand, others think that private companies should be the ones investing in it. This way the government could spend the money on social matters like education and social care.

    In conclusion, while many think that governments should be responsible for investing in scientific research, others believe it should be the responsibility of private companies.

    In my view, we must be aware that  (debemos tener en cuenta que )our lives shouldn’t depend on private companies’ interests.
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