ENR 1.5

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  1. IFR Takeoff Minima if not detailed in AD2
    • At least 300ft Ceiling
    • 1500m Viz
  2. Reduced Minima Takeoff  and the Requirements
    • Zero Ceiling 
    • 800m Viz


    • Runway has Centreline marking or lighting
    • AD 2 for the runway allows for it

    A/C Auto Feather
  3. Localizer path is protected when ceiling and Viz is what?

  4. When can you go below MDA or DA?
    • When a landing can be made with normal decent rate and manoeuvers
    • Withing circling area
    • flight viz is never less than legal for the approach
    • visual reference to one of the aerodrome features
  5. What obstacle clearance does the missed approach give?
    98ft when climbing at a 2.5% (150ft/NM) gradient
  6. What can yo do if the aid fails during the approach
    • Continue off another aid if the Met minima are OK for that approach
    • If not then advise ATC of position and intentions
  7. When can a "visual approach" clearance be issued?
    • Pilots specifically requests it
    • Can maintain visual to the terrrain
    • Reported ceiling is at least initial approach level
    • Pilots reports from the initial approach level or at any time during the approach that a landing can be accomplished
  8. When will ATC or ATIS advise to expect a visual approach
    • Viz 16km
    • Ceiling at least 1000ft above approach commencement altitude
  9. Requirements for a visual approach at night?
    Must have runway lights in sight
  10. Remote QNH calculation

    Can it always be used
    Distance from QNH source minus 5nm then add 5ft to MDA for every Mile

    Can't be used for RNAV approaches or when plate says (luse Local QNH)
  11. IFR Alternate Minima
    • Precision approach- Ceiling 600ft or 200ft above plate Min
    • Viz 3000m or 1000m higher than Plate

    • Non Precision - Ceiling 800ft or 200ft above plate min
    • Viz 4000m or 1500m higher than plate

    If no Instrument approach is published then must meet VFR rules
  12. An alternate must be listed under IFR unless?
    • The Aerodrome of intended landing has a published IFR procedure
    • 1 hour either side of ETA the ceiling is 1000ft above published minima
    • Viz is 5kms or 2kms above published minima
  13. VFR Met Minima in Class D Airspace
    • 2km Horizontally and 1000ft Vertically (500 in a control zone)
    • 8kms viz above 10,000ft
    • 5kms viz below
  14. VFR Met Minima in Class G Airspace
    • 2km Horizontally and 1000ft Vertically above 3000ft (or 1000ft of ground)
    • Below 3000ft Clear of cloud and in sight of the ground
    • 8kms viz above 10,000ft
    • 5kms viz below
  15. VFR Minima at aerodromes within a control zone
    1500ft Ceiling and 5km viz
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