Maine Pharmacy Law Review - Final Exam

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  1. What happens in a state that legally passes marijuana, does it get reclassified?
  2. Who can sell hypodermic needles?
    pharmacist, agricultural blue seal, vetrnarians; no limit on syringes (if you get caught w/ more than 10 its a criminal act but not pharmacy); must be 18 or older
  3. What is CSOS?
    electronic form 222; CSOS = controlled substances ordering system
  4. How old does the patient have to be for a pharmacist to administer a flu vaccine?
    7 years old
  5. What is an exempt narcotic?
    A scheduled V drug that can be sold OTC; can only buy one per 48 hours; have to be 18 or older
  6. When computer systems shut down, how many hours do you have to input data when they come back online?
    96 hours
  7. Who’s in charge of making sure that all personnel working in the pharmacy are licensed?
  8. Can controlled substances be on a pre-printed blank?
  9. Are you allowed to return controlled substances in the state of Maine?
    No. if its non-control you can at discresion of pharmacist: if you have a lock box out front of you’re pharmacy it has to be registered with the DEA and they give you modified DEA number for that box
  10. Who’s responsible for making sure that a student intern license is up to date?
    The intern
  11. Which drugs can you give a person who has an allergic reaction to and immunization?
    • -diphenhydramine (Benadryl)
    • -epinephrine
  12. You come in front of the BOP, and you lose your hearing. Whats your next option?
    Appeal to superior court
  13. When there is a conflicts between Maine law and fed law, which do you abide by?
    The stricter law
  14. What happens Jan 1st of 2017?
    New prescriptions are to be of 100 morphine equivalent for a 7 days supply for acute pain; 30 days for chronic pain
  15. What are some of the exceptions that you can continue to fill on with regards to controlled substances?
    End of life care
  16. What is the difference between 100 and 300 MME's
  17. What does the DHHS require in regards to controlled substance for a patient that is in need of palliative care?
    Prior Authorization (only patients on Maine-care)
  18. What does the new federal law say about partial fills?
    You can get a refill for up to 30 days; multiple refills for the rest of the quantity
  19. Whats the main purpose of the BOP?
    to protect patients
  20. What does USP-795 pertain to?
    Sterile Compounding
  21. How much ipecac can be dispensed over the counter at once?
    30 ml
  22. Can you partially fill CII’s in a long-term care facility?
    Yes; up to 60 days not to exceed the quantity written
  23. If you get a license application denied in front of the BOP, how many days do you have to appeal?
    30 days
  24. What is an example of an electronic logging system?
  25. How many years of experience must a preceptor have?
    2 years
  26. Where are security cameras suppose to be positioned in a pharmacy?
    Anywhere there are controlled substances (compounding, filling, will-call, register)
  27. When can you fill a partial CII under Maine Law?
    Can be partialled if its an out of state Rx and we need to check on it; or if the pharmacy does not have enough to fill it. (Patient/customer can request a partial fill otherwise but will forfeit/void rest of script)
  28. When will Maine Law require all controlled substances to be prescribed electronically?
    July 1st 2017
  29. What is reciprocity?
    licensure by endorsement
  30. What is a valid ID?
    drivers license, state ID, passport (anything that can’t be tampered with)
  31. How many hours of CE does a pharmacist require in Maine?
    15 hrs of CE and 2 hrs from immunization
  32. What immunizations is a Maine Pharmacist allowed to administer?
    any vaccine that is CDC approved
  33. Prescriber dies. How long are the prescriptions written by this prescriber good for?
    6 months
  34. How long are non-controlled prescriptions good in the state of Maine?
    15 months
  35. What is the most lenient form of discipline in Maine?
    letter of guidance
  36. Who is lawfully authorized to dispose of scheduled II drugs?
    DEA agent, Reverse Distributor, Pharmacist
  37. Can a pharmacist be a PIC at multiple pharmacies?
    Yes; must have a waiver from the BOP
  38. Bad weather has come and you have to shut down the pharmacy early do you have to report it to the BOP?
    No, not if it is weather dependent. (anything more than 4 hours you have until the next business day)
  39. What is a collaborative practice agreement?
    an agreement between a physician and pharmacist where the pharmacist may act as an extension of that prescriber; pharmacist is acting in accordance with physician or prescriber to order labs, vitals, or write new prescriptions; only lasts as long as date of contract
  40. How long do you have to store video for?
    30 days
  41. How many days in advance must you notify the public when you are closing?
    14 days
  42. How long do you keep your records under medicare?
    10 years
  43. How long must you keep records of a perpetual inventory?
    5 years
  44. How many days do you have to notify the BOP for a change in ownership in the pharmacy?
    7 days PRIOR (not after)
  45. What is the minimum number of hours a store must be open in Maine?
    40 hours
  46. How many hours does a PIC have to begin the store?
    30 hours or 50% of the time that the store is open; or whatever is less
  47. Is there a pharmacy tech to pharmacist to ratio in Maine?
  48. How many days or hours do you have to notify the BOP if one of your techs or interns get caught stealing?
    48 hours
  49. Besides the NAPLEX, what exam must you pass?
    MJPE (multistate jurisprudence examination)
  50. How many days do you have to notify the BOP of a change in address or contact?
    10 days
  51. Does Maine law allow for therapeutic substitution?
    No (Maine law has no say over hospital pharmacy UNLESS it is an extended care pharmacy or retail pharmacy [extended care = extension of hospital, filling for people from hospital/clinics and employees, nursing home residents from facility owned by hospital])
  52. Can a central fill pharmacy be located outside of the US?
  53. When you use a central fill pharmacy, must you notify the patient?
  54. Can pharmacist fill a prescription for a drug being used off label use?
  55. How long must 222 forms be kept on file?
    2 years
  56. How long do you have to report a change in protocol to the BOP?
    20 days
  57. How long do you have to report a change of PIC to the BOP?
    7 days (on day received in the mail, not postmark date)
  58. How old must patient be for an intern vaccination?
    18 years
  59. Which department oversees the BOP?
    occupational and professional regulations (or Professional and financial regulations)
  60. How long is the DEA license good for?
    3 years
  61. Who grants prescriptive authority to prescribers?
    the State
  62. Is there such a thing as office use prescriptions?
    No (cannot compound anything for office use, must be patient specific)
  63. How many people can a DATA (drug addiction treatment act of 2000) waive physician be responsible for in first year?
    30; then after a year, 275; (next year NP and PA’s will be able to get a DATA waiver ~Feb-March)
  64. This schedule listed chemical product is no longer on market?
    phenylpropanolamine; used in diet pills like Dexatrim
  65. If you get disciplined in Maine with a license in NH what may happen?
    Disciplinary action against you in NH
  66. When do you report a loss of a control substance?
    depends on drug and how many you dispense over time and personnel in pharmacy; think about someone who has had prior consignment; form 106 used to report
  67. What is the book used for generic substitution?
    Orange Book
  68. What is corresponding agreement?
    legitimate medical purpose
  69. Who takes possession of the drugs when a pharmacy closes and the buyer does not buy the inventory?
    The BOP, After 60 days inventory is forfeited to board
  70. Who is not allowed to own pharmacy in Maine?
  71. What authority does BOP have?
    Makes rules (DOES NOT MAKE LAWS; very good chance the rules will be re-written this summer, 2017)
  72. How do you deal with control drugs when selling a pharmacy?
    Must perform an exact count on all controls; CII's need a 222 form and CIII-CV you can sell them… [unintelligible]
  73. What drugs are a certified midwife allowed to carry?
    silver nitrate, ophthalmic ointment, lidocaine, can have oxytocin but no CII’s
  74. How much codeine in a tablespoon of a schedule V?
    30mg (10mg per teaspoon)
  75. Can a technician receive transfer for a controlled drug?
    No. Must be pharmacist to pharmacist for controlled drugs
  76. Whats the term of office on the Board of Pharmacy (BOP)?
  77. How many people are on the BOP?
    7 people
  78. Who appoints amendments to the BOP?
    The governor
  79. How many days in Maine law to fill a controlled drug?
    90 days from date Rx was written
  80. Can a pharmacy student take NAPLEX prior to obtaining degree or graduating?
  81. Can a Rx blank contain more than one schedule 2 drug?
  82. How many members of the public are on BOP?
    2 members from public
  83. Does Maine law allow you to refuse to sell a methamphetamine precursor?
    Yes using the NPLEx (meth tracking system) system, unless you feel threatened then you can sell it
  84. When can a patient receive a brand name drug?
    If the patient is willing to pay for it, or the Dr writes that is medically necessary on the Rx.
  85. How many years of experience must a pharmacist have in order to be appointed to the BOP?
    5 years experience
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