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  1. "Wonderbra"

    Lilli: Merde.

    Two Men entre as music fades out.
  2. Fred: Who are you? What are you doing backstage
    Fine looking fella.
  3. 2nd Clean cut
    What a figger.
  4. 2nd What a profile.

    Fred: Gentlemen, I'm very touched by your admiration and devotion but I see my fans after the-
    What diction.
  5. 2nd; Very elocutionary.
    And note he does not spit when he talks.
  6. 2nd. High type fella.

    Fred: As I was saying, this is all very flattering but I receive my public after the performance, not before.
    1 Oh, what grace!
  7. 2nd If I hadda do something to him, I would cry like a baby.
    • Remember that professor who played the ponies?  
    • You weren't yourself for a week
    • after you dumped him  in the Potomac.
  8. Fred: Gentlemen, come back after the show.  I'll be very happy to present you with my autograph.
    • 1 No, we got your autograph.
    •    That's why we're here.
  9. Fred: What!
    •   A little matter of a I.O.U,
    •   oh, here it is. Ten G's.
    •   Mr Hogan, that's our employer.
    •   Regards this as a debt of honour.
  10. Fred: Mr Hogan?
    How about it Mr Graham.
  11. Fred: You're mad, Paul, Paul! Alright, let me see that.  This is not even my signature!
    • They all say that.
    • I'm surprised at you Mr Graham.
    • You signed it only this afternoon after quite a little game down to the hotel.
    • We wasn't there of course.
    • Mr Hogan says he plied you plenty with good liquor, too.
  12. Fred: You're really mad.  I've been in this theatre since eight this morning.
    He forgot. (laughing)

  13. 2nd That's human nature for you.
    The minute a man signs a I.O.U   everything goes dark.
  14. 2nd The doctors call it magnesia.
    We cure it!
  15. 2nd You know, I would cry like a baby if I hadda do something to such a high type of fella, Last week remember that high type fella, I used up three handkerchiefs.
    • I don't like my face.  Do you?
    • (Looking in the mirror)
  16. 2nd; No!

    Fred: Gentleman, would you mind leaving?
    • 1 Oh! Ain't he virile?
    • We now wish to express all the best wishes for a magnificent opening and the success your brilliant talent deserver!
    • I copied that out of Western Union.
  17. 2nd; Heartiest felicitations. I made that up myself.
    • Mr Graham, during the performance tonight
    • remember we'll be watching from the front box.
    • Try and jostle your memory.
  18. 2nd; We'll be back.

    Lois: Freddie! Oh Mr Graham.
    (1 and 2nd man reacts)
    Break a leg!
    Or we'll do it for you.

    • exit
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