eating disorder- binge eating

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  1. Nursing process- binge eating disorder
    • affect men and women of all ages- mostly effecting ages 46-55- middle age
    • the individual binges on large amts of food like bulimia
    • differs from bulimia bc don't get rid of excessive calories
  2. binge eating disorder
    leads to obesity
    • a BMI > 30 obese
    • obesity can contribute to increases morbidity and mortality
    • obese people are at higher risk for
    • - hyperlipedemia
    • - diabetes
    • - osteoarthritis
    • - angina
    • - respiratory insufficiency
  3. binge eating disorder
    predisposing factor- biological
    • physiological factors for obesity
    • - lesions in the appetite and satiety centers of the hypothalmus
    • - hypothyroidism
    • - dec insuline production
    • - inc cortisone production- stress
    • - may have low levels of 5ht that may a role in compulsive eating
  4. binge eating disorder
    predisposing factors 2
    • biological influences:
    • lifestyle factors
    • -- incre calorie intake
    • -- sedentary lifestyle
    • psychosocial influences
    • - unresolved dependency need
    • - fixation in the oral stage of psychosexual development
    • Genetics
    • - 80% of children born of two obese parents will also be obese
    • - twin studies have also supported a hereditary factor
  5. binge eating disorder
    diagnostic criteria
    • Recurrent binges
    • - eating large amt of food in two hours
    • - lack of control cant stop
    • Theses binges are associated with three or more of the following:
    • - eating rapidly, eating until uncomfortable, eating when not hungry, eating alone due to embarassment, and feeling disgusting with self after
    • marked distressed over eating behavior and it occurs at least once a week for three months
    • not associated with compensatory behavior and not part of bulimia or aneorexia
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