Global Politics 1

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  1. Anarchy
    System operating in the absence of any central government. It does not imply chaos but, in realist theory, the absence of political authority.
  2. Capitalism
    A system of production in which human labor and its products are commodities that are bought and sold in the market place.
  3. Constructivism
    An approach to international politics that concerns itself with the centrality of ideas and human consciousness. As constructivists have examined world politics they have been broadly interested in how the structure instructs the actors identities and interests, how their interactions are organized and constrained by the structure, and how they're very interaction serves to either reproduce or transform that structure.
  4. Cosmopolitan culture
    A pattern of relations within which people share the same goals and aspirations, generally to improve that culture for all members.
  5. Cosmopolitan democracy
    A condition in which international organizations, transnational corporations, and global markets are accountable to the peoples of the world.
  6. Feminism
    A political project to understand so as to change women's inequality, liberation, or depression. For some, the aim is to move beyond ginger, so that it no longer matters, for others, to validate womens interests, experiences, and choices, for others, to work for more equal and inclusive social relations overall. Feminist theories tend to be critical of the biases of the discipline. Many focus their research on the areas where women are excluded from the analysis of major international issues and concerns.
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