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  1. Describe the three kinds of the leadership according to Max Weber? (Vay-burr)
    • 1. Traditional authority Could be a person who is born into the position or had a long history of internship. e
    • Example British royalty and the Pope

    • 2. Charismatic: Someone who could really command a large following. Had great oratory skills.
    • Example: Pierre Trudeau, Adolf Hitler

    • 3. Legal rational: rule of law has put them in the position.
    • Example: Prime ministers and justices on the Supreme Court. Rational because there is a rational basis for the authority that they have
  2. Describe the three types of leaders according to Graham Little? Give an example if each
    • 1. Strong: can command people to do things either through force of personality or through the institutional position they are in
    • Example Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and maybe Stephen Harper

    • 2. Group leader: negotiator and conciliator. Leader who leads from behind the scenes. open to ideas and uses broadly develop consensus of ideas from the people
    • Example, Mike Hartcourt

    • 3. Inspirational: able to put forward a vision, maybe using symbols.
    • Example: Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Tommy Douglas, Jack Layton, Renee Levesque
  3. Who can be said to be the originator of modern BC?
    WAC Bennett
  4. What were WAC Bennetts strong personal characteristics? (5)
    • 1. Although he wasn't very public about it, he had strong Christian values concerning respect and frugality
    • 2. He led the province in a self-confident way
    • 3. He believed there was a proper way to do things
    • 4. He saw BC in visionary terms
    • 5. He was an inspirational leader
  5. What did WAC Bennett do that made him stand out? (4)
    • 1. He traveled around BC to cities and towns
    • 2. He was a great stump politician
    • 3. he wanted to expand the relative wealth of the Lower Mainland into the rest of the province
    • 4. He wanted to improve the transportation system across BC to allow for economic development
  6. What were some of WAC Bennetts greatest achievements? (6)
    • 1. He expanded the railway system from North Van to Prince George and then till Dawson Creek and Fort st. John. He wanted to expect it to Alaska but other governments stopped it.
    • 2. He developed hydro-electric resources. Established BC Power Commission to expand electrification across the province which would improve everything. his government took over BC electric and merged it with BC Power Commission to create BC Hydro.
    • 3. Industry and forestry grew tremendously across the province due to the secure energy provided
    • 4. He established BC Ferries. blackball ferry was an American company which ran series in BC but more slow and inefficient and he took it over to create BC Ferries.
    • 5. expanded the service industry in BC with rapid expansion of education and hospitals. he oversaw the expansion of the publicly funded healthcare system
    • 6. He extended the postsecondary education system
  7. What led to W A C Bennetts decline?
    The welfare state rapidly expanded because he was very willing to use state authority to expand the social welfare system. this rapidly expanded the unions in the province including teachers unions and nurses unions. These unions eventually came into conflict with Bennett in his latter years.
  8. What were the similarities between WAC Bennett and Dave Barrett? (5)
    • 1. They were both flamboyant
    • 2. both great stump politicians
    • 3. Both go it alone politicians. They made a lot of decisions on the fly
    • 4. They were both inspirational leaders
    • 5. Neither were as ideological as people think they might be
  9. How was Dave Barrett received by the media?
    The media loved and hated him.
  10. What stood out about Dave Premiership compared to WAC Bennetts?
    More legislation was passed in the three years of Barrett's Premiership then in the 20 years of Bennetts.
  11. What were 5 achievements of Dave Barrett's Premiership?
    • 1. He established ICBC,. car insurance companies were largely American and he said it would be better for BC to push the private sector out.
    • 2. He created the Agricultural Land Reserve which was meant to permanently protective valuable agricultural land from urbanization
    • 3. The modern ambulance service was established by Barrett. Before that they were more of a station wagon style
    • 4. He established a Human Rights Commission in BC
    • 5. He got rid of the strap in BC schools
  12. What was controversial about Barrett's Premiership?
    There was a debate on whether he managed the economy well
  13. How did people view WAC Bennett at the end?
    They saw him as rigid and stubborn at the end largely because he does not want to negotiate with the unions
  14. When was Bill Bennett elected and until what year was he premier?
    He was elected in 1975 and stayed in office until 1986.
  15. What was Bill Bennett personality? (3)
    • 1. He was not a politician by character
    • 2. He was not as charismatic as his father
    • 3. He was more of a technocrat
  16. How did Bill Bennett get into politics?
    The Social Credit Party was in disarray after the NDP win in 1972, so they persuaded Bill Bennett to enter politics and become party leader.
  17. What happened during the NDP era in the seventies which threatened the Social Credit Party?
    the Liberals were emerging so the Social Credit Party needed to bring them in so they would not split the vote in the next election
  18. How did Bill Bennett start out his Premiership and what changed and when?
    At the beginning Bill Bennett was modest in changing NDP policies, but in the early eighties he bought into the neo liberal ideology.
  19. What were the first 4 things Bill Bennett did after adopting the neo-liberal liberal ideology? (4)
    • 1. He introduced the restraint program inter
    • 2. He proposed privatization of government companies
    • 3. he decreased regulation including environmental regulations
    • 4. He cut back on the Dease Lake extension of the railway
  20. How did Bill Bennett view BC in the eighties?
    Bill Bennett government argued that the BC economy was changing and that the resource sector was declining.
  21. What did Bill Bennett do to redefine BC's economy? 2 points
    • 1. They bought land from CPR around Vancouver
    • 2. He plan Expo 86 as a way of changing Vancouver and advertising BC around the world in order to create a stronger service sector economy so they didn't have to rely on the declining resource sector.
  22. What was the effect of Expo 86 on Vancouver and BC? (3)
    • 1. 1987 Hong Kong was returning to Chinese rule and many people from Hong Kong we're looking for a place to go Expo 86 advertise Vancouver as a good place to move to and invest
    • 2. Significantly changed the economy of BC and it became more of a business and trade economy.
    • 3. Expanded trade with Asian economies
  23. What was the difference between the end of Bill bandits Premiership as opposed to his fathers?
    Bill Bennett resigned while Expo 86 was happening and left on a high note unlike his father.
  24. Bill Bennett Premiership in a nutshell
    He wanted to reduce the state and expand trade investments in BC
  25. What was the difference between bill Bennett and Bill Vanderzalms personality?
    Bill Vanderzalm was much more of an inspirational politician than Bill Bennett
  26. What were the criticisms of Bill Vanderzalms Premiership? (3)
    • 1. He was a one man government who made policy decisions on his own and didn't consult his cabinet
    • 2. People felt like he wasn't following the proper procedures for debating policy in the legislature
    • 3. He didn't have a clear idea of what he wanted the province to do and made policy decision on the fly
  27. What were two characteristics of Bill Vanderzalms personality?
    • 1.. He was an inspirational politician
    • 2. He was a devout Christian and was against abortion
  28. Explain the details of Bill Vanderzalms downfall?
    She had established a Dutch theme park called fantasy gardens. As premier, he sold this property and arguably used his influence as premier to make the sale. This scandal brought the Social Credit Party down with him
  29. Who took over for the Social Credit Party after the scandal?
    Rita Johnson
  30. What two events took place during the 1991 election?
    • 1. The NDP won the election
    • 2. The persuasive TV debates saw the resurgence of the BC Liberals under the leadership of Gordon Wilson and the consequently replaced the Social Credit Party.
  31. What was Mike Hartcourts history before he won the 1991 election? 2 points Points
    • 1. He started out as a liberal and went to the NDP
    • 2. He was the mayor of Vancouver and being a mayor, he was a consensus builder
  32. How would you describe Mike Hartcourts personality?
    1. He was a classic example of a consensus building mayor that went on to become premier
  33. Why was Mike Hartcourt not particularly successful?
    His consensus style was not very successful because of the adversarial character and culture of the legislature
  34. What issue caused tension in the NDP during Mike hartcourts tenure?
    The debate about logging in Clayquot sound brought tensions to the NDP. The industry workers wanted login to continue, but environmental wing of the NDP wanted login to stop. This was very difficult for Mike because he wanted to bounce between the two. he tried to diffuse the situation but his premership ended in scandal.
  35. How did Mike Hartcourts Premiership end?
    A former NDP member was siphoning money from a charity group and so Mike Harcourt took the responsibility and resigned as a way to diffuse the situation and saved the NDP.
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