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  1. “vice” crimes and or socially repugnant behavior
    made illegal because of them offending a community à gambling , prostitution
  2. - White Collar crimes are 
    - Blue Collar crimes
    • - Financially motivated  
    • - Lower class society crimes
  3. Know the difference in the types of disputes resolution
    • 1. adjudicative- litigation 
    • 2. consensual – mediation
  4. Know the technology has influenced law enforcement
    social media is an issue / body cameras are helpful
  5. Know about the law and its relationship to Social Change
    As society changes, laws become affected and not as “black and white”
  6. The Law being a dependent and independent variable regarding social change is affected by 
    It is affected by society but also affects society by making the rules of what is acceptable and what isn’t
  7. Know the research options for law and society
    History, observational, experimental, and survey
  8. Informal social controls are expressed through
    Customs, norms, and mores . They include shame, ridicule, disapproval
  9. Know the theoretical perspectives regarding lawmaking
    - rationalist, functional, conflict, and moral entrepreneur
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