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  1. person who went to California to find gold in 1849
  2. Peace treaty between the US and Mexico that ended the Mexican American War in 1848
    -Gave the US the Rio Grande boundary as well as California, New Mexico, Arizona, parts of Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado
    Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  3. name given to California after declared itself independent of Mexico on June 14, 1846
    Bear Flag Republic
  4. -general sent by Polk into the disputed area between Texas and Mexico on the Rio Grande
    -after fort was attacked, Congress declared war on Mexico
    -was president of the US during the California Gold Rush
    General Zachary Taylor
  5. -president of the US from 1845-1849
    -pro-Manifest Destiny
    James Polk
  6. - mid 1800s war between US and Mexico 
    - fought for control of New Mexico and California
    - also fought over the border/state of Texas
    - US won
    Mexican- American War
  7. - following the death of Joseph Smith, he led the Mormons to Salt Lake City, Utah
    Brigham Young
  8. - gold found in Sutter's Mill, California in 1848
    - population exploded
    - California becomes a state in 1850
    California Gold Rush
  9. - led American forces that captured Mexico City during the Mexican-American War
    - led the troops that forced the Cherokee removal on the Trail of Tears
    General Winfield Scott
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Soc. St. Chap. 11 & 12 - 5
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