lab 3

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  1. gluteus Maximus
    extends thigh at hip joint; stabilizes torso at waist when climbing stairs or an incline; not active when walking horizontally
  2. Gluteus Medius
    abducts thigh at hip joint and medially rotates thhigh
  3. Iliacus and Posas Major
    psoas major and illiacus muscles acting together flex thigh at hip joint and flex trunk on hip as in sitting up from supine position.  psosas alone laterally flexes vertebral column.
  4. sartorius
    weakly flexes abducts and laterally rotates thigh at hip joint; weakly flexes at knee
  5. rectoris femoris
    flexes thigh and extends leg
  6. vastus lateralis
    extends leg
  7. vastus medialis
    extends leg
  8. biceps femoris
    flexes leg at knee joint and extends thigh at hip joint
  9. semitendinosus
    flexesleg at knee joint and extends thigh at hip joint
  10. semimembranous
    flexes leg at knee joint and extends thigh at hip joint
  11. soleus
    plantar flexes foot at ankle joint
  12. tibialis anterior
    dorsiflexes foot at ankle joint and inverts (supinates) foot at intertarsal joints
  13. gastrocenemius
    plantar flexes foot at ankle joint
  14. extensor digitorium
    dorsiflexes foot at ankle joint and extends distal and middle phalanges of each to at interphalangeal joints and proximal phalanx of each toe at metatarsalangeal joint
  15. temmporalis
    elevates the mandible and retracts the mandible, look of suprise
  16. buccinator
    presses cheeks against teeth and lips as in whistling blowing or sucking
  17. masseter
    elevates the mandible as in closing mouth
  18. orbicularis oris
    closes and protrudes lips
  19. orbicularis oculi
    muscle encircling the eye that closes eyelids
  20. platysma
    tenses skin of the neck
  21. frontalis:
    -front belly
    • raises eyebrows, wrinkles skin of forehead horizontally---> surprise
    • -draws the scalp porterior
  22. pectoralis major
    adducts medially rotates and flexes arm
  23. deltoid
    prime mover of arm abduction
  24. trapezius
    elevates adducts abd depresses scapula (superior fibers elevate; middle fibers depresses it)
  25. latissimus dorsi
    prime mover of arm extension; medially rotates arm.
  26. infraspinatus
    laterally rotates arm
  27. teres major
    medially rotates and adducts arm
  28. biceps brachii
    flexes forarm and at elbow joint, supinates forearm at radioulnar joint
  29. triceps brachii
    extends forearm at elbow joint
  30. flexor carpi ulnaris
    adducts the wrist and hand
  31. flexor carpi radialis
    flexes and abducts hand (radial deviation at wrist joint.
  32. flexor digitorium
    flexes middle phalanx of each finger at proximal interphalangeal joint
  33. extensor carpi radialis
    extends and abducts hand at wrist joint
  34. extensor carpi ulnaris
    extends and adducts hand at wrist joint
  35. extensor digitorium
    extends distal and middle phalanges of each finger at interphalangeal joints
  36. rectus abdominis
    flexes vertebral column
  37. external oblique
    compresses the abdomen, laterally flex and rotate vertebral column
  38. internal oblique
    compress abdomen, laterally flex and rotate vertebral column, compress abdomen; laterally flex and rotate vertebral column
  39. transversus abdominis
    compress abdomen
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