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  1. CABG
    Coronary artery bypass graft: surgery to improve blood flow to heart
  2. CLL
    Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  3. cmp
    Complete metabolic panel: blood test
  4. cmt
    cervical motion tenderness
  5. CPAP
    Continuous positive airway pressure: uses mild air pressure to keep airways open
  6. cpk
    creatinine phosphokinase: found in heart, skeletal and brain tissues
  7. cpr
    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  8. CSF
    Cerebrospinal fluid
  9. CVA
    Cerebrovascular accident; costovertebral angle
  10. cta
    Clear to auscultation
  11. Cx
  12. ddd
    Degenerative disc disease
  13. DDx
    Differential diagnosis
  14. DIP
    Distal interphalangeal joint
  15. DJD
    Degenerative joint disease
  16. DP
    Dorsalis Pedis
  17. IBS
    Irritable bowel syndrome
  18. IDDM
    Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
  19. DTR
    Deep tendon reflex
  20. INR
    International Normalized Ratio
  21. JVD
    Jugular vein distention: due to increased blood volume
  22. LAD
    Left Axis Deviation
  23. LAFB
    Left anterior fascicular block
  24. LFT
    Liver function test
  25. LLL
    Left lower lobe
  26. LP
    Lumbar puncture: needle to lower back
  27. LVH
    Left ventricular hypertrophy (becomes thickened) caused by high BP which makes it work harder
  28. MCA
    Motorcycle accident
  29. MCP
    Metacarpophalangeal joint (knuckle)
  30. MS
    Multiple sclerosis
  31. MTP
    Metatarsophalangeal joint: knuckles on foot
  32. MVP
    Mitral valve prolapse: valve do not close smoothly, but instead bulge (prolapse) upward to the left atrium
  33. NAD
    No acute distress/ no active disease
  34. NG tube
    Nasogastric tube
  35. NIDDM
    Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
  36. NKA
    No known allergies
  37. SI
    Suicidal ideation
  38. SLR
    Straight leg raise: see if pt with back pain as a herniated disc
  39. SL
    Sublingual: situated or applied at the tongue
  40. STEMI
    ST elevation myocardial infarction
  41. Subq
  42. SVT
    Supraventricular tachycardia: an abnormal heart rhythm arising from improper electrical activity of the heart.
  43. TIA
    Transient ischemic attack
  44. TMJ
    Temporomandibular joint (jaw bone)
  45. TNTC
    Too numerous to count
  46. tPA
    Tissue plasminogen activator
  47. trach
  48. TTP
    Tender to palpation
  49. Tx
  50. T-spine
    thoracic upper and mid back
  51. Bx
  52. BID
    twice daily
  53. BiPAP
    Bilevel positive airway pressure
  54. BPH
    Benign Prostate Hypertrophy (prostate gets bigger, which may squeeze the urethra, then problems with urinating
  55. BNP
    Beta Natriuretic Peptide: secreted by heart when decrease in cardiac output (when heart failure develops)
  56. BPM
    Beats per minute
  57. BUN
    Blood Urea Nitrogen
  58. BVM
    Bag valve mask: to help breath
  59. EJ
    External jugular
  60. EDG
    Esophagogastroduodenoscopy: upper GI
  61. ischemia vs. infarct
    • ischemia: lack of blood
    • infarct: dead
  62. polydipsia
    frequently thirsty
  63. sepsis
    blood infection fever, tachy, increased respiratory rate, increased leukocytosis
  64. crepitus
    crackling sound of bones
  65. acute on chronic
    new exacerbation of a chronic condition
  66. paroxysmal
    occasional, sporadic
  67. transient
    resolved spontaneously after onset
  68. axilla
  69. dorsiflexion
    bending back of the hand or foot
  70. everted
    turned outward
  71. lateral
    further from the midline
  72. palmar/volar
    palm side of hand or body
  73. plantar
    sole of foot
  74. ulnar and radial
    ulnar (inside of arm), radial (outside of arm)
  75. somnolent
  76. Battle's sign and raccoon's eyes
    bruise behind ear indicative of basilar skull fx
  77. encephalopathy
    disease of the brain
  78. aniscoria
    unequal diameter of the pupils
  79. EOMI
    extra ocular muscles intact
  80. Conjunctiva
    outer lining of eye and eye lid
  81. fluorescien
    uptake indicative of corneal abrasion
  82. wheezing
    high pitched lung sounds
  83. stridor
    upper airway noise
  84. rhonchi
    sound of mucous rolling around in bronchi
  85. rales
    crackling in lungs PNA or CHF
  86. Pneumothorax (PNx)
    air in lungs (collapsed lung)
  87. pleurisy
    pain with breathing
  88. pulmonary embolism
    blockage of pulmonary artery due to clot
  89. hemoptysis
    bloody cough
  90. stenosis
    narrowing of a vessel
  91. DVT
    blood clot in extremity
  92. thrombus
    blood clot of blockage
  93. coronary artery
    delivers oxygenated blood to heart.
  94. ventricular fibrillation
    irregular beating of the ventricles
  95. Pericarditis
    inflammation of the Pericardium (lining of heart)
  96. irregularly irregular
  97. friction rub
    grating heart sounds indicative of pericarditis
  98. extra systoles
    extra beats of the heart
  99. atrial flutter
    irregular beating of atria
  100. AFIB
    Irregular beating of the atria, indicates that the sinus node if not conducting a normal sinus rhythm
  101. aortic aneurysm
    Diagnosis of enlarged aorta due to a weakened vessel wall
  102. paraspinal tenderness
    Tenderness of the muscles next to the vertebrae
  103. Bruit
    whooshing sound heard on auscultation indicative of aneurysm or blockage
  104. meningitis
    inflammation of brain and spinal cord membranes
  105. Meningismus and Kerning's sign
    stiff neck and neck pain (signs of meningitus)
  106. trismus
    Inability to fully open the mouth due to inflamed jaw muscles
  107. OdontalgiaT
  108. Gingiva
  109. otalgia
    ear pain
  110. auricle
    External portion of the ear
  111. Scleral icterus
    Yellowing of the sclera due to jaundice
  112. Nystagmus
    involuntary eye movements
  113. hyphema
    blood in anterior chamber of the eyes
  114. anterior/ventral
  115. os
    body opening (tube/hole) as in nose, and anus
  116. lateral
    further from the midline
  117. facial angioedema
    swelling of the face, often secondary to allergic reaction
  118. lymphadenopathy
    enlarged lymph nodes
  119. meningismus
    stiff neck
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