Host as a leadership call

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  1. Before The call
    Still a minute or two to go, so we're going to wait for a couple of minutes for folks to join before we start.

    For those of you just joined, we'll wait a couple of minutes for people to join.

    Jay, are u on yet?
  2. Beginning of the call
    Want to thank everyone for joining today, taking time out of your busy schedule.

    We are excited to have Jay as our guest speaker today.

    We are going to have really good discussion today.

    It's my pleasure to introduce Jay. Jay is .... I have the opportunity to work with Jay. Jay did a tremendous job. I'll hand it over to Jay. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us.

    It's a party
  3. During the call
    Olumide, I'll let you take it from here.

    Olumide- I'll put Jay's conversations in all the framework we have here.

    Please mute your phone if you're not speaking.
  4. The presenter
    I appreciate the opportunity to talk about...
  5. Q&A
    Does anyone have any questions for Jay? I'll start. Thanks for presenting this. This is a perfect opportunity to do this. For me, anything should we do before getting things from you?

    What should we expect next, next month, next year?
  6. Wrap-up
    Just in Nov, we will have Dan Smith to provide information.
  7. Start the call
    Perfect timing. Thank you for joining. For those who don't know... We are excited to have Dave to discuss... Welcome Dave.

    A lot of things coming to mind. It is just which ones you want to know.
  8. Have the privilege of leading them
    • Thank you so much Ryan.
    • Thank you everyone on the phone.
  9. Let's go ahead and get started. Thanks everyone for joining this month's knowledge seeker series. We are really excited to have Yanling to join us to talk about FNC.
    Thank you so much for sharing these insights. If you have any follow-up questions, please feel free to contact XX. Thank you, Yangling, once again for your time and effort. It's really exciting for us. Thank you everyone on the phone.
  10. Welcome everyone for this month's knowledge seeker series. Today I am really excited to share something with all of you about real estate analytics.
    Thank you all for attending.

    I believe this discussion today is really interesting and insightful, and gives us a lot of perspectives in CoreLogic Asia Markets.

    Thank you everyone on the call. We will see you next month.
  11. Let's jump into it.

    I'm open for general discussion.

    Silence is the consensus, ha?
    Going through the roll call.

    That's the leading question for open discussion.
  12. First, agree
    Then, here is what we are doing.
    Finally, we could do a better job
    Always prepare to change directions.
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