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  1. Harriet Beecher Stowe
    Wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin, Simon Legree abuses slaves. Aided abolition
  2. George Fitzhugh
    wrote Cannibals All! opposed abolition
  3. Henry Clay
    proposed Compromise of 1850
  4. John C. Calhoun
    believed that ending slavery violated right to own property
  5. John Brown
    Killed in order to end slavery, believed that only bloodshed could end it. Attacked pro-slavery settlers and Harpers Ferry
  6. Charles Sumner
    abolitionist Senator from Massachusetts who spoke against slavery, attacked by Preston Brooks
  7. Preston Brooks
    Representative who attacked Charles Sumner in front of Congress
  8. Dred Scott
    Slave who tried to sue for his freedom, court case ruled that slaves can't sue
  9. Abraham Lincoln
    Gradual abolitionist; wanted to prevent the expansion of slavery, not outlaw it initially
  10. Stephan Douglass
    Opposed Lincoln in 7 debates for Illinois Senate; supported popular sovereignty
  11. William Seward
    radicial abolitionist, Republican alternative for candidacy
  12. Jefferson Davis
    CSA president, from Mississippi
  13. John Crittendon
    Senator, opposed war because he had sons he knew would fight on opposite sides
  14. Bull Run
  15. Antietam
  16. Chancellorsville
  17. Fort Sumner
    Fort taken by Confederacy via siege; preventy resupplying and
  18. Gettysburg
  19. Shilo
  20. Chattanooga
  21. Compromise of 1850
  22. Fugitive Slave Act
  23. Nativism
    A movement to ensure that native born Americans receive better treatment than immigrants
  24. Know Nothing Party
    promoted the election of pro-slavery leaders
  25. Kansas/Nebraska Act
    proposed by Stephen Douglass, allowed KS and NE popular sovereignty and admission as states
  26. Democrats
    In the south, supported slavery, John Breckinridge and Stephen Douglass
  27. Republicans
    formed by north in response to KS/NE Act, abolitionists, wanted to repeal KS/NE and Fugitive Slave Acts
  28. Free Soil Party
    Opposed expansion of slavery, moved to vote against slavery in Kansas
  29. Harpers Ferry
    Location of an armory attacked by John Brown, junction of Potomac and Shenandoah rivers
  30. Southern Assets
    Defensive war, causes were self determination and self government, best officers, way of life involves fighting
  31. Northern Assets
    farms, industry, population, navy, railroads
  32. Merrimac
  33. Monitor
  34. Order 191
  35. Pickett's
  36. 54th Regiment
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