Eating Disorders

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  1. MNT for impatient AN
    2-3 lb per week
  2. MNT for impatient BN
    1 lb per week
  3. Initial energy for AN
    30-40 kcal/kg  or 1000-1600 cals/day
  4. Energy once goal weight is achieved for AN
    to maintain weight and promote growth in adolescents
    40-60 kcal/kg
  5. Gradual energy increase for AN
    increase by 100-200 kcal every 2-3 days

    may require 70-100 kcals/kg for continued weight gain (3000-4500)
  6. Protein requirement for AN
    15-20% of kcal

    provide minimum of RDA value based on IBW not actual body weight
  7. Fat requirement for BN
    30% of kcal

    encourage small increase until goal is reached (fat is scary for AN)
  8. CHO requirement for AN
    50-55% of kcal

    Insoluble fiber for constipation
  9. Immediate goals for BN
    Interruption of the binge-purge cycle, restoration of normal eating behavior, weight stabilization

    Normalize eating pattern (3 meals and prescribed snacks)
  10. Calorie prescription for BN
    • If normal RMR--> DRI for energy
    • If hyper metabolic-->begin with 1500-1600 cal/d then increase by 100-200 cal until DRI reached
  11. Even if obese or overweight BN DON'T...
    Recommend a restriction diet as they may exacerbate binge/purge behavior
  12. CHO, PRO and Fat recommendation for BN
    • CHO: 50-55%
    • PRO: 15-20% (minimum RDA for age based on IBW
    • Fat: 30%
  13. Educate BN on
    • Effects of malnutrition on cognition, growth, development, behavior
    • Impact of dieting on metabolism, danger, ineffectiveness of purging for weight control
    • Guidlines for health eating 
    • Role and function of nutrients-->no "bad" foods
    • appropriate portion sizes
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