LAW-Chapter 1

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  1. A written agreement between two or more states, or between states and international organizations.
  2. Legal option under Art. 263 to challenge a decision of an EC institution before the ECJ
    Action for annulment
  3. Act of an EC institution that affects only the party to which the decision is addressed.
  4. EC Law is directly applicable when it takes effect in the Member States without any further action by these States
    Direct Applicability
  5. EC Law has direct effect when the ECJ decides that a national is allowed to use EC law in a national court of law
    Direct Effect
  6. EC law binding on Member States: the content of the Directive has to be incorporated into national Legislation within the prescribed period of time.
  7. The EC Treaty, together with all the Regulations, Directives and Decisions based on the EC Treaty and, in addition, the case law of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) should be regarded as..
    EC law
  8. International private law concerning the activities and organisation of multinational businesses.
    International Business Law
  9. Law which deals with legal problems arising from legal relationships between parties domiciled in different countries to which different legal systems apply.
    International Private Law
  10. Public law is enforceable by states only and deals with legal problems of citizens domiciled in different states and involving laws of different states.
    International Public Law
  11. A court of law of a Member States has the option of asking for advice on the interpretation of a point of EC law under Art. 267 EC Treaty. If the conditions of Art. 267 are the court of law may address the European Court of Justice. The advice given by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has to be taken by the court of law of the Member State.
    Preliminary Ruling
  12. A type of EC legislation which takes effect in the Member States, without the States being able to change its effect on their national legal systems.
  13. Resulting from case law of the European Court of Justice, EC Law is higher than the laws of the Member States.
    Supremacy of EC Law
  14. The EC is the only example in the world of what could be referred as [...] organisation. E.g. An organisation that is higher than the states that created it, due to the voluntary transfer of sovereignty to that organisation.
  15. A written agreement between two or more states, or between states and international organisations.
  16. International private laws concern jurisdiction, applicable law and specific treaties for specific cases.
    Three Main Issues.
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