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  1. Also known as property account records
    Accountable Equipment Records
  2. What are the Accountable Equipment Record codes in DMLSS?
    Accountable Equipment Code (AEC)
  3. Where are all Accountable Equipment Records maintained?
  4. What are items having an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more, and items that are considered sensitive, classified, called? Controlled Inventory Items (CII)
    (1) Pilferable.\n(2) Critical to the activity?s business/\nmission.\n(3) Hard to replace or repair\nAre the three criteria for what? Controlled Inventory Items (CII)
  5. What includes all equipment with a Maintenance Requirement Indicator (MRI) in DMLSS?
    Maintenance significant medical\nequipment
  6. This includes all lap top computers,\ncomputer systems, servers, personal digital assistant (PDA), and pocket PCs
    Automated Data Processing (ADP)\nequipment.
  7. What does TMDE stand for?
    Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic\nEquipment
  8. Other BUMED?directed controlled inventory items can be accessed
  9. What does PPM stand for?
    The personal property manager
  10. What is another term used for the personal property manager (PPM)?
    Equipment manager
  11. Who is responsible for issuing custody receipts, maintaining\nand updating a consolidated listing of all personal property issued to Custodians or Responsible Officers who maintain custody of equipment within their respective areas?
    The Personal Property Manager (PPM)
  12. The consolidated inventory list will be updated at least _______?
    (under normal circumstances)Annually
  13. The consolidated inventory listed will change within __ days prior to the\nchange of Custodian or Responsible Officer?
    (under un?normal circumstances)20 days
  14. How many copies of the updated inventory list of equipment will be prepared?
  15. The Equipment Manager will retain a copy and the Custodian will retain the other copy of the equipment list? (T or F)
  16. Why do Both the Custodian and Equipment Manager get a copy of the updated inventory list of equipment list?
    So that they both can ensure that the updated inventory list of equipment is correct.
  17. What does PP&E stand for?
    Property Plant and Equipment Identification
  18. How many days are given until there has be a unique numeric identifier assigned to all PP&E items?
    7 days
  19. What are the minimum requirement for a unique identifier shall consist of?
    The activity?s Unit Identification Code (UIC) and an Equipment Control Number (ECN)
  20. Who is responsible assigning the ECN's for all PP&E items?
    The DMLSS system
  21. What is the BCN stand for?
    Bar Code Numbers
  22. What is another name for BCN?
    Property Identification Numbers
  23. Who assigns PINs?
    The Equipment Management Division
  24. What are BCNs used to facilitate?
    Use of Automated Identification\nTechnology
  25. What is Automated Identification Technology used for?
    Physical Inventories
  26. What is the Item ID in DMLSS?
    National Stock Number (NSN)
  27. What is created when you combine New Item ID and the Federal Supply Class (FSC) number, BUMED Property Code (BM00 to BMXX) and the item's DMLSS device code?
    Item ID number
  28. What is the first part of the Item ID number?
  29. What is the second part of Item ID number?
  30. What is the third part of Item ID number?
    Device Code
  31. If you cannot find the Nomenclature's device code in DMLSS, where can you find the device code?
  32. What are the guidelines of the CO's ultimate responsibility for all PP&E found?
    DOD Financial Management Regulation 7000.14?R, Volume 4,\nChapter 6
  33. What form is used to report missing PP&E?
    DD Form 200
  34. Who is responsible for the missing equipment?
    The Custodian
  35. Who is in charge of finding the lost medical equipment?
    The Senior BMET
  36. When is a DD Form 200 for missing equipment filled out?
    30 days or at the end of the PM Cycle
  37. Who is responsible for tracking down all medical equipment?
  38. This is done when there is a transfer of property?
    New ECN and UIC
  39. Operation and Maintenance Expense?Health Affairs with acquisition cost of less than $100,000, uses what code?
  40. Operation and Maintenance Capital?Health Affairs with acquisition cost of $100,000 to less than $250,000, uses what code?
  41. Other Procurement Investment Health Affairs with acquisition cost of $250,000 and over, uses what code?
  42. Joint Incentive Fund ? DOD/ VA, uses what code?
  43. Venture Capital Initiative ? DOD, uses what code?
  44. OM&N Expense, uses what code?
  45. OM&N Capital, uses what code?
  46. OPN Investment, uses what code?
  47. Research/Grant ? Private, uses what code?
  48. Environmental Program ? Health Affairs, uses what code?
  49. OM Expense ? Local, uses what code?
  50. OM Capital ? Local, uses what code?
  51. OM Expense ? BUMED, uses what code?
  52. OMR Capital ? BUMED, uses what code?
  53. What is the minimum accuracy requirement for Physical inventories?
  54. Walk?through inspections will be conducted at least at what interval?
  55. How long do you keep the results of a walk through inspection?
    3 years
  56. What is a DD 200, called?
    A Financial Liability Investigation of\nProperty Loss
  57. Who is responsible for conducting the Financial Liability Investigation of a property loss?
    The Responsible Officer/Custodian
  58. What part of the DD Form 200 ask for a brief description of the investigation?
    Section 13
  59. What part of the DD 200 is reserved for property received in damaged condition?
    Section 7
  60. This instruction covers guidelines for Patients who are eligible to loan equipment from a MTF/DTF?
  61. How long can intra?hospital loans occur before a permanent issue is required?
    60 days
  62. What forms are usually used to document all transfer or loans of equipment?
    DD Form 1348?1A
  63. Who is responsible for the repair or replacement cost for all loaned equipment?
    The loaning activity
  64. What document is used to document the signing authority of property that is being loaned?
    Custodian Action List
  65. Who keeps the original of the Custodian Action List?
    The Equipment Manager (EM)
  66. Who is responsible for reporting all the gains, loses, and loaning of all equipment?
    The Equipment Manager (EM)
  67. What should the EM document when a loaned item has been lost to another MTF/DTF?
    Shipped to Another MTF/DTF
  68. What should the EM document when a loaned item has been added to his MTF/DTF?
    Gained from Another MTF/DTF
  69. What do you use for equipment transferred?out to another federal agency?
    Transfer to Non?DOD Organization
  70. How long must equipment that has been transferred out have substantiating documentation retained?
    36 months
  71. The Equipment Manager shall ensure that equipment with condition code A, B, and C are first reported as excess before turning it in to what activity?
  72. What activity shall be responsible for condition coding medical equipment?
  73. Who will be responsible for condition coding ADP equipment?
  74. Who should excess reporting be transmitted through?
  75. Equipment for disposal will be coordinated with the nearest DRMS?
    Using a signed DD Form 1348?1A DTID or Electronic Turn?In Document (ETID)
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