SAOP2- Exploratory Celiotomy

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  1. What are the advantages of laparotomy over endoscopy? (4)
    • can take full thickness intestinal biopsies
    • organ biopsy/ excision (spleen, liver, pancreas, kidney, prostate)
    • ability to address/ obtain hemostasis
    • option for therapeutic intervention if indicated (direct visualization, FB removal, etc)
  2. What are the disadvantages of laparotomy? (6)
    • increased morbidity
    • pain
    • cost
    • dehiscence
    • infection risk
    • anesthetic risk
  3. What are diagnostic indications for laparotomy? (5)
    • GI diseases: PLE, IBD, lymphoma
    • Hepatopathy: MVD (microvascular dysplasia), copper storage
    • Suspected neoplasia/ mass
  4. What are radiographic indications for laparotomy? (5)
    • dilated small intestines
    • foreign body
    • herniation
    • mass effect
    • GDV
  5. What are emergency situations that require laparotomy? (3)
    • presence of free gas in abdominal cavity
    • septic abdominal effusion
    • uncontrolled hemorrhage
  6. What parameters of abdominocentesis indicate laparotomy? (4)
    • blood- active bleeding or clots
    • uroabdomen- fluid Cre> serum +/- fluid K+> serum
    • intracellular bacteria
    • bile pigment
  7. What are prognostic indications for laparotomy? (3)
    • confirm a disease
    • stage a disease process or neoplasia
    • provide detailed information for future therapy
  8. How do you clip for a laparotomy?
    • xyphoid to pubis
    • lateral to flank folds
  9. How do you make a laparotomy incision in a male dog?
    make a parapreputial skin incision, divide the preputial muscles, ligate the caudal superficial epigastric muscles, move penis aside and find the linea alba
  10. What are techniques for liver biopsy? (4)
    • guillotine (with suture)
    • punch
    • partial lobectomy
    • Gelfoam
  11. What are techniques for kidney biopsy? (2)
    • true-cut needle
    • wedge (mattress suture closure)
  12. What are techniques for intestinal biopsy?
    isolate loop of bowl--> stay sutures-->block with fingers--> #11 blade or punch
  13. How do you close the intestine after biopsy?
    4-0 PDS simple interrupted or simple continuous
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