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  1. augment
    (v) [OG ment] to increase or enlarge. Jessie wanted to augment his allowance by finding a part-time job.
  2. callous
    (adj.) [KAL əs] unfeeling; insensitive. It was a surprise to see the tears flowing from someone we had considered to be callous.
  3. Cryptic
    (adj.) [KRIP tic] secret; having a secret meaning. The F.B.I. agents asked a university expert to try to decode the cryptic ransom demand.
  4. factious
    (adj.) [FAK shəs] cross, unruly, uncontrollable. Factious elements in the Democratic party resulted in a heated debate at the convention.
  5. frugal
    (adj.) [FROO gəl] thrifty, cheap. The frugal gourmet tries to produce economical, yet tasty meals.
  6. pediatrician
    (n) [pee dee ə TRISH ən] a doctor who specializes in treating children. By high school, most adolescents switch from a pediatrician to a physicians who treats adults.
  7. peonage
    (n) [PEE ə nij] a system of bound servitude. Workers who were required to remain laboring on their farms until all their debts were paid were seldom able to escape from peonage.
  8. phlegmatic
    (adj.) [fleg MAT ik] sluggish, unemotional. Normally phlegmatic an calm, the llama can become violent if it feels threatened.
  9. ponderous
    (adj.) [PON der əs] very heavy; bulky; labored and dull or tiresome. The knight’s ponderous suit of armor restricted his movement.
  10. pungent
    (adj.) [PUN jent] sharp, acrid sensation. The pungent odor of the market place confirmed the tourist’s impression that she was in an exotic setting.
  11. serene
    (adj.) [sə REEN] unruffled; tranquil, unclouded. The serene morning sky gave no hind of the downpour that would later saturate our cabana.
  12. succinct
    (adj.) [sek SINGKT] concise or terse; brief. After extensive revision, the 500 page manuscript was reduced to a succinct 250 page novel.
  13. synthesis
    (n) [SIN thə sis] a combining of elements into a whole. Each different component of the symphony was blended into a synthesis of sound.
  14. validate
    (v) [VAL ə dayt] to declare or make legally sound; to substantiate; to verify. The summit produced a treaty which the Senate must now validate.
  15. veracity
    (n) [və RAS ə tee] conforming to the truth; accuracy. The veracity of the witness was confirmed by other eyewitnesses.
  16. mis
    to hate
  17. phil
    to love
  18. semi
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