RSTD 212 Test 1

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  1. Abrahamic religions
    Christianity, Islam, Judaism (the 3 religions that trace their roots back to Abraham)
  2. Prophets
    message received from deities
  3. Supersessionism
    • (replacement theology): doctrine of a religious community that sees itself as the successor or replacement of an earlier community
    • Seen more often in Western religions than in Eastern religions
  4. Sages
    message based on personal insight
  5. Indic religions
    Eastern religions?
  6. Zoroastrianism: place of origin
    Persia (modern Iran)
  7. Zoroastrianism: founder
  8. Zoroastrianism: year began
    1500BCE - 600BCE
  9. Zoroastrianism: basic teachings
    Dualism, angelic hierarchy, cosmic struggle of good and evil, divine judgment, apocalyptic end of the world, final resurrection of the dead, heaven and hell
  10. Zoroastrianism: Asha
    "order, truth, righteousness"
  11. Zoroastrianism: Druj
    "the Lie" -evil
  12. Zoroastrianism: Avesta
    inclusive name for all of Zoroastrian scripture
  13. Zoroastrianism: Ahura Mazda
    “the Wise Lord”; the Zoroastrian supreme God
  14. Zoroastrianism: Angra Mainyu
    the Hostile Spirit or Destructive Spirit = Satan
  15. Zoroastrianism: Spenta Mainyu
    the Beneficent Spirit or Holy Spirit
  16. Zoroastrianism: Amesha Spentas
    the Beneficent Immortals or angels
  17. Zoroastrianism: Vohu Manah
    an Amesha Spenta called Good Mind
  18. Zoroastrianism: Saoshyant
    the coming messiah/savior
  19. Zoroastrian Confession
    statement of faith. recited daily by Zoroastrian priests. Reject evil, devote self to the good
  20. Which is “the faith that has no saying that fails”?
    The faith of Ahura Mazda
  21. Which is “the hold Creed, which is the most imposing, best, and most beautiful of all religions which exist?”
    Ahura’s Faith, or the Zarathushtrian Creed
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