Pharmacology Quiez 2 prep

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  1. Site of action
    means drug should be delivered it target site, or specific part of the body.
  2. Mechanism of action
    How the drug works.
  3. Drug action
    • Drug move through the body to its target site. 
    • Alteration of the existing biological and philological part of the body.
  4. ROA
    Route of Administration
  5. Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacologically active.
    If the drug does what it intended to do, Its called Pharmacological active, it is the process of biological and chemical interactions.
  6. Drug action
    Drug action is the result of of an interaction between a molecule and a functionally important structure in human body, which alters biochemical or philological function.
  7. Pharmacodynamics
    It means the molecular interaction of the drug with body's receptors which leads to desired response.
  8. pharmacokinatics
    the study of what body does it to drugs, Process of ADME.
  9. Medication and drug
    Drug is a substance or chemical capable of altering biological or chemical and philological process in the body. These responses can be either desirable or undesirable.
  10. Mediation
    A medication in contrast, is drug that is used for purpose of restoring a dysfunctional or pathological process in the body it its desired process.
  11. Pharmalogic activity
    the theraputic response is called pharmalogic activity
  12. Magic bullet
    Drug travels through the body though blood stream, it might produce other responses. When drug . The drug only effect site of action , not other things is called magic bullet.
  13. Side Effects
    Drugs side effects are usually related to when drug effect tissue where the response is not needed or not intended .
  14. Biopharmaceutics
    • Is the study of design and development of drug dosage form that will 
    • 1- deliver the chemically active form of drug in sufficient amount 
    • 2- withstand phsiological condition inside the patient body and 
    • 3- release all the active drug at a tolerable rate.
  15. Drug + Receptor = [Drug-Receptor] =>Pharmalogical effect]
    • [D] + [R] => [DR] ____ > Effect
    •              <=
  16. Affinity
    • The strength of the drug-receoptor is measure in affinity.
    • Such a drug should be close enough "imitator" of the 5-HT neurotransmeter to fit into the receptor
  17. Agonist
    Agonist is the drug that produce stimulation type response.Agnoist is the drug that interacts with the receptor site and blocks or depress the normal response from receptors
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