SWA 737 Limitiations

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  1. Single Engine on Ground Electrical Power - NG
    On the ground limit one generator operation (engine driven) to 215 A
  2. Circle-to-Land Maneuver Minimums
    1000' ceiling and 3 sm visibility orchart minimums, whatever is higher
  3. Tripped Circuit Breaker
    - Reset only if directed by QRH- If not directed by QRH then reset only allowed once and only if required for safety (PIC decision) - Allow 2 min for cooling before resetting- Never reset fuel quantity indicator, fuel pump or fuel pump control CB
  4. Maximum Operating Altitude
    • NG - FL410
    • CL - FL370
  5. Maximum Altitudes for APU - NG
    • Operation: 41,000'
    • Generator: 41,000'
    • Bleed Air: 17,000'
    • Bleed Air and Generator: 10,000'
  6. Maximum Altitude for APU - CL
    • Operation: 35,000'
    • Generator: 35,000'
    • Bleed Air: 17,000'
    • Bleed Air and Generator: 10,000'
  7. Cargo Bay Fire Protection
    Aircraft must land within 60 min of discharge of fire protection (800 ETOPS: 195 min)
  8. Speed Brakes
    • - Lower altitude limit: 1000' agl
    • - In flight do not extend beyond flight detent
    • - Do not use in flight unless flaps are fully retracted
  9. Flaps
    • - Max altitude 20,000'
    • - Alternate flap duty cycle in flight is one complete cycle, then 5 min off. A complete cycle is movement from position 0 to 15 and back to 0. The alternate flap switch must be in the OFF position for 15 sec before reversing the direction of flap movement
  10. Min/Max Fuel Tank Temperature
    • Min: -37C
    • Max: 49C
    • Note Jet A freezes at -40C. Other fuels freeze at lower temperatures
  11. Center Tank > 1000lbs rules
    • Main tanks must be full and center fuel tank pumps must be on.
    • Use center tank to depletion before using wing tanks
    • Notes: - 1000 lbs may be retained in center tank if weight & balance have been considered.
    • -Center tank fuel pumps must beON for all operations with more than 1000 pounds of fuel in thecenter tank.
    • - Some MEL can override this limitation
  12. Center Fuel Tank During Ground Operation
    Fuel pump switches must be off unless center tank quantity > 1000 lbs (except when defueling or transferring fuel)
  13. Fuel Transfer and Defueling on the Ground
    Pax and non-essential crew members may only stay on board if tank from which fuel is taken is maintained > 2000lbs
  14. NG: Center Tank Fuel Pump Low Pres
    • Corresponding center fuel pump switch must be positioned to OFF when a Low Pres light illuminates
    • Notes: - In level flight pumps should be positioned back to ON if the center tank still contains usable fuel
    • - if the tank is empty both pumps must be switched OFF when the first pump Low Pres light illuminates
    • - Intentional dry running is prohibited
  15. Center Tank Fuel Pump Operation - General
    Only if personnel in flightdeck to monitor low pressure lights
  16. NG: Holding in Icing Condition
    Allowed but only with flaps retracted. Holding in icing with Flaps extended is prohibited
  17. Max EGT for Engine Start on Ground
    725 C
  18. CL: Min Duct Pressure for Engine Start
    30 psi, reducing by 0.5psi/1000' above sea level
  19. Engine Warm-Up and Cool-Down
    • At least 2 min warm-up after rollback before t/o thrust.
    • At least 1 min near idle before shutdown
  20. Reverse Thrust
    Only for ground operation
  21. What circuit breakers are not to be reset:
    fuelquantity indicator, fuel pump or fuel pumpcontrol circuit breakers.
  22. Use of WX Radar:
    Do not operate near people, fuel spills or during fueling
  23. IRS Shutdown procedure:
    Do not remove AC power for at least 30 sec after IRS shutdown
  24. Operating PACKS in High:
    If on Engine Bleed Air the Packs cannot be in HIGH for takeoff, approach or landing (unless the QRH directs to do so (i.e. smoke removal)

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737 Limitations
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