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  1. RNA Secondary structure
    Complimentary base pairing between two molecules, or within a molecule
  2. Direction of transcription
    5' to 3'
  3. DNA-Directed synthesis of RNA
    aka Transcription
  4. Eukaryotes (at any given time) have more RNA than bacteria (T/F)
  5. RNA Polymerase full name
    DNA-Dependant RNA polymerases
  6. Kinds of bacteria RNA polymerase
    Only one, for mRNA, tRNA and rRNA
  7. Kind of Eukaryote RNA polymerase
    • Different type for each RNA
    • RNA pol I, II and III
  8. To what end are the mRNA bases added in transcription?
  9. Why is simulatenous translation not possible in eukaryotes?
    The DNA is in a separate compartment (nucleus) from the ribosomes
  10. Primary transcript
    Nascent RNA molecule, before it is modified to become mature-RNA
  11. RNA post-transcriptional modifications
    • 5' Cap
    • Poly-A tail (3')
    • Splicing (to remove introns)
    • Cutting - Removing transcribed spacers
    • Chemical modification (mythylation and uridylation)
  12. Purpose of capping (and tailing) RNA
    • Facilitate transport
    • Protect RNA from degrading enzymes
    • Help ribosomal attachment to 5' (mRNA)
  13. Exon
    Region of DNA that is translated into protein (expressed)
  14. Why are genes split?
    Because they contain introns, intervening sequences
  15. RNA sequences required for splicosome activity
    • 5' GU, 3' AG (Intronic)
    • Adenosine containing branch-point
    • Pyrimidine track
  16. Why are introns important in splicing?
    They allow the same RNA transcript to be spliced in multiple ways
  17. Six classes of eukaryotic RNA
    • mRNA
    • rRNA
    • tRNA
    • Small nuclear RNA (snRNA)
    • Small nucleolar RNA (snoRNA)
    • microRNA (miRNA)
  18. snRNA
    • Present in nuclear snurps
    • Involved in RNA splicing
  19. snoRNA
    • Present in the nucleolus
    • Involved in chemical modification
  20. miRNA
    • Small RNA molecules
    • Regulate gene expression
  21. NMP
    • Nucleotide mono phosphate
    • Found in RNA
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