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    • Name: Ferris-Smith
    • Category: Grasping/Holding
    • Uses: used for fascia closure, grasp heavy tissue.
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    • Name: Bonney
    • Category: Grasping/Holding
    • Uses: grasping heavy tissue and fascia during closure.
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    • Name: Charnley Retractor
    • Catagory: Retracting/Viewing
    • Uses: Retract a hip, self retaining
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    • Name: Hibbs Retracor
    • Category: Retracting/Viewing
    • Uses: retractor for deep or superficial areas.
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    • Name: Leksell Rangeur
    • Category: Grasping/Holding
    • Uses: Remove bone and tissue in the spinal area.
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    • Name: Mallet
    • Category: special
    • Uses: hammer thing
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    • Name: Cobb Elevator
    • Category: Cutting and Dissecting
    • Uses: stripping paraspinous muscle and periosteum off lamina. Elevating minimal evasive surgeries.
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    • Name: Cobra Retractor
    • Category: Retracting/Viewing
    • Uses: retract large bones and joints.
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    • Name: Bennett Retractor
    • Category: Retracting/Viewing
    • Uses: Can be used to elevate a bone due to its shape, or retract tissue. Found in an orthopedic set.
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    • Name: Hohmann Retractor
    • Category: Retracting/Viewing
    • Uses:  used in orthopedics to expose bone for procedures an other structures.
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    • Name: Lowman Bone Clamp
    • Category: Clamping/Occluding
    • Uses: hold bone and bone fragments together for fixation with pins, screws, or plates.
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    • Name: Kern Bone Clamp (Lane)
    • Category: Grasping/Occluding
    • Uses:  hold bone or bone fragments together for fixation with pins, screws, or plates. Or remove stuff.
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    • Name: Bone Curette
    • Categories: Special cutting/dissecting
    • Uses: Scrape excess bone fragments and other unnecessary stuff.
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    • Name: Bone Hook 
    • Category: Retracting/Viewing
    • Uses: move bone
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