Social Studies Ch. 16 Set 1

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  1. Ships covered with iron plates, first used during the Civil War
  2. Nation formed by seceding southern states in 1861. Capital city was Richmond, VA
    Confederate States of America
  3. Slave states that did not secede and become part of the CSA during the Civil War. Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware. Perhaps the most important was Maryland (contained Washington, DC)
    Border states
  4. Only state admitted to the Union during the Civil War. Collection of 48 counties in Virginia that decided to break away
    West Virginia
  5. Right to have a hearing before you are put in jail, pronounced "hay-be-us corp-us"
    Habeas corpus
  6. Union = 22,000 miles. Confederacy = 9,000 miles. Gave shipping and transportation advantages to the North
    Railroads during the Civil War
  7. Nickname given to soldiers fighting in the Confederate army
  8. Nickname given to soldiers fighting in the Union army
  9. Constitutional Amendment that abolished slavery
    Thirteenth Amendment
  10. Signed by Abraham Lincoln. "All persons held as slaves within any state... in rebellion against the US shall be... forever free"
    Emancipation Proclamation
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