PrevMed2- Meat Hygiene

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  1. What are the important sanitation standards must be met for establishment of food animal grounds and facilities? (4)
    • pest control- major source of diseases and parasites
    • construction
    • ventilation- must be adequate for humans and animals
    • water/sewer- must meet EPA and local health department standards
  2. How is contamination of red meat handled?
    you cannot wash fecal, ingesta, or contaminants off red meat; it MUST be trimmed off
  3. What is HACCP?
    • Science-based process controls to eliminate, prevent, or reduce food safety hazards
    • must be unique for every single facility (cannot use protocols from other facilities)
  4. What are the principals of HACCP? (7)
    • conduct a hazard analysis
    • ID critical control points
    • establish critical limits
    • establish monitoring procedures
    • establish corrective actions
    • establish record keeping procedures
    • establish verification procedures
  5. Describe the hazard analysis step with HACCP.
    • thorough and well-suppored analysis, considering all relevant hazards and all steps in a process
    • consider likelihood of hazards and brainstorm controls for hazards
  6. What are prerequisite programs?
    • written programs to prevent a hazard (that has been deemed unlikely) from entering into a system
    • procedures that provide basic environmental or operating conditions
  7. What are critical control points of HACCP?
    • specific procedures that eliminate or reduce food safety hazards (that are deemed likely to occur)
    • critical limit
  8. Describe HACCP validation.
    • scientific/ technical support
    • all critical control procedures and prerequisite programs
    • increased in-plant monitoring data
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