Stage Makeup Midterm

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  1. What are the three pigments in skin?
    • melanin (brown tone)
    • carotene (yellow tone)
    • hemoglobin (red tone)
  2. a brush technique involving a series of small specs of color
  3. how do you use color wheel to neutralize?
    • green counteracts red
    • yellow counteracts purple
    • etc
  4. shadows blend
  5. highlights blend
  6. where would you use soft edged shadows
    basic corrective
  7. where would you use hard edged shadows
    old age
  8. where do you use hard edge to soft edge shadows
    nasolabial fold
  9. how do you find shadow on face
    fishy face
  10. what are the techniques to create bruise
    stipple, painting, nose and scar wax
  11. what are the 3 sections of face
    • hairline to eyebrows
    • eyebrows to bottom of nose
    • bottom ¬†of nose to tip of chin
  12. know 7 planes of nose
    and where they are
  13. What are the properties of color
    • hue
    • intensity
    • value
  14. what are the three skin types
    • dry
    • oily
    • combination
  15. how many planes of the forehead
  16. what is the solvent for spirit gum
    • spirit gum remover
    • acetone alcohol
  17. what do you use spirit gum for
    • apply crepe hair
    • tissue
    • other items
  18. what is the solvent for wax
    dental floss, excess off with 50/50
  19. what is 50/50
    mixture of baby oil and alcohol, equal parts each
  20. what is wax used for
    • make fake noses
    • scars
    • wounds
    • broken noses
  21. what is the solvent for creamliner
    • cold cream
    • makeup remover
  22. what is creamliner used for
    creates highlights and shadows on face
  23. what is the solvent for aquacolor
    soap and water
  24. what is aqua color used for
    • fast makeups
    • bright colors
  25. what is the solvent for latex
    use 50/50 to watch away excess start removal, peal away
  26. what is latex used for
    creating wrinkles, covering eyebrows, wounds
  27. what is the solvent for flexible collodian
  28. what is flexible collodian used for
    creates a layer of "skin" over a covered area, such as blocking out eyebrows
  29. what is the solvent for rigid collodian?
  30. what is rigid collodian used for
  31. what is the solvent for clown white
    cold cream
  32. what is clown white used for
    used to cover an area completely bright white
  33. What are the 7 things to find character
    • 1. age
    • 2. health
    • 3. disfigurements
    • 4. environment
    • 5. personality
    • 6. style
    • 7. genetics
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