Ch. 7 Health Stuff

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  1. How does tobacco smoking impact coronary heart disease?
    • releases nicotine, which speeds up heart rate
    • carbon monoxide reduces oxygen transportation, which causes stress on the heart
    • particulates in smoke causes inflammation and scar tissue on artery walls, which increases likelihood of plaque
    • increases production of free radicals which then damage LDL cholesterol; leads to plaque buildup in coronary arteries
  2. How does LDL cholesterol impact coronary heart disease?
    • damaged LDL will collect together in an artery wall and overtime narrow the passageway for blood; can lead to blood clot
    • when blood clot occurs in coronary artery, this may cause a heart attack or cardiac arrest
  3. How does HDL impact coronary heart disease?
    • normal helpful HDL reduces inflammation and escorts some LDL back to the liver to be reprocessed
    • some studies have shown that HDLs can reduce plaque buildup
  4. How does hypertension impact coronary heart disease?
    • If your blood pressure is high, your heart has to work harder to push blood throughout your system
    • strained heart may weaken and enlarge
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